BREAKING: We Can Conclusively Confirm North Korea Was NOT BEHIND Sony Hack

Sony hack was an inside job can confirm that North Korea was not behind the Sony hack contrary to major media reports.

An investigation into the data shows that someone copied the released 200GB of data over 5-6 hours on the night of November 21st.

Sony Hack 2

Sony file 1

Based on the date time stamps of the released data the transfer speed is roughly in the range of 480Mbit/s which equates to USB 2.0.

We don’t know what time zone that time stamped data comes from. (The time is the mtime Unix Time format, local time of the machine. It’s not compensating for any time zone. It doesn’t know the time zone so if the computer is running from 10 pm to 2 AM at Sony Pictures Entertain in Los Angeles that means a potential hacker in Japan could be just ending the work day at 7 PM Tokyo time.)

The Guardians of Peace have also given an indication about their origins pushing against the North Korean narrative.

Our investigation into the data that has been released by the “hackers” shows that someone at Sony was copying 182GB at minimum the night of the 21st–the very same day that Sony Pictures’ head of corporate communications, Charles Sipkins, publicly resigned from a $600,000 job. This could be a coincidence but it seems unlikely. Sipkins’s former client was NewsCorp and Sipkins was officially fired by Pascal’s husband over a snub by the Hollywood Reporter.

Two days later a malware bomb occurred.

We are left with several conclusions about the malware incident:

1. The “hackers” did this leak physically at a Sony LAN workstation. Remember Sony’s internal security is hard on the outside squishy in the center and so it wouldn’t be difficult for an insider to harm Sony by downloading the material in much the same way Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden did at their respective posts.

2. If the “hackers” already had copies, then it’s possible they made a local copy the night of the 21st to prepare for publishing them as a link in the malware screens on the 24th.

Sony CEO Michael Lynton’s released emails go up to November 21, 2014. Lynton got the “God’sApstls” email demand for money on the 21st at 12:44pm.

This tweet by an American fluent in Japanese was yet another indication that it was an insider at Sony but in Japan.

The Guardians of Peace “hackers” sent a demand through a possibly spoofed gmail account–


The dfrank1973 email is another tip off that the hacker is Japanese. Jerome D. Frank (the second edition of whose seminal work Persuasion and Healingwas published in 1973) was a critic of nuclear weapons. Japan is the only country in the world to have been nuked. It is also the most likely country to be nuked if North Korea has its way.

It’s possible that hackers already had everything, were reading email, saw the public Sipkins resignation then pulled the trigger on the malware a few days later but it’s highly unlikely. has already reported from multiple sources that North Korea was likely not behind the Sony leak.



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5 Replies to “BREAKING: We Can Conclusively Confirm North Korea Was NOT BEHIND Sony Hack”

  1. Every time the natural born shapesifters and their M$M propaganda matrix gets caught red handed doing what they do best; lying and lying and then lyoing some more, what do they do? What else? They spew forth a “nothing to see here” “time to move on” “FUGEDDABOUTIT” onslaught featuring Madonna’s t*ts, Kim’s honking huge a** and the obligatory Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, Hitler, Hitler, Holocost, holocost, Nazi, Nazi, Hitler , Hitler, Hitler slew of moral and mental sewage.
    AKA – bidne$$ a$ u$ual.

  2. I totally agree with you, HP. Your comment says it all; and, that’s exactly what the M$M spews out every day; simply to keep the dumbed-down sheeple distracted.The owners of the M$M outlets are mostly – if not entirely – owned by Zionist Jews.
    As for Defiant, he hasn’t read the real news lately; as, he’s in a world of his own.

  3. This article should be completely disregarded – it is trivial to fake timestamp information and, even if the information were not faked, the timestamps could be explained by attackers copying everything to some sort of local storage a few days before preparing the big dump to release to the public.

    There’s no credibility to this article.

  4. So where is the raw data from which this analysis is allegedly derived? I doubt Sony or the United States Government is handing out copies of the “evidence.”

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