Breaking: UK Guardian Reports Raymond Davis is working for the CIA By Anonymous

By Dave Lindorff:

A report today in the British Guardian [1] newspaper is confirming that Raymond Davis, the man jailed in Lahore, Pakistan charged with murdering two young Pakistanis who were almost certainly themselves working for Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), is an employee of the CIA. The paper says that based upon its reporters’ interviews with both Pakistani and US sources, it is “confirming” that Davis is a CIA spy.

The paper adds that Davis’s wife provided information numbers for him to a local TV station and those numbers turned out to be the CIA. Meanwhile, Agence France Press reports that Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), a loose-tongued member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, also apparently inadvertently slipped up and disclosed on the Senate floor that Davis is an “agent” [2], saying, “We can’t throw this agent over.”

You didn’t read that slip in a US paper, but then too, the Guardian also reports that several US news organizations have also learned on their own that Davis is a spy, but are voluntarily withholding the information from the American public “at the request of the Obama administration,” which prefers to stick to the fictional story line that Pakistan is holding an American “diplomat” in “violation of the Vienna Convention” on diplomatic immunity.

I would suggest another option, however.

It could well be that Davis, who reportedly spent 10 years in US Special Forces until 2003, is not a CIA agent, but is actually a secretly active-duty Special Forces officer. Since giving active duty military personnel diplomatic “cover” would be a grave violation of protocol, and since local Pakistani politics [3] make it unlikely that the ruse of trying to call him an embassy employee, rather than a Lahore Consulate employee [4] will work with the Pakistan court, it could be the government has decided to fall back to claiming he’s CIA, which would probably at least spare him a hanging.

My main reasoning for this is that CIA agents don’t typically advertise themselves as being in the “security” business. Yet Davis was carrying cards when he was arrested after slaughtering two Pakistanis that identified him as an employee of Hyperion Protective Services, LLC, which I earlier discovered and reported in ThisCantBeHappening! [5] was a bogus company whose address turns out to be a vacant storefront in a nearly deserted strip mall in Orlando, Florida. That kind of thing may well by what a secret Special Forces commando might do, but not a CIA agent. Furthermore, the kind of killing that Davis was involved in–the daylight execution on a crowded street of two young men on motorcycles, and the equipment police found in his car, which included multiple semi-automatic pistols and high-capacity clips, a telescope, a forehead-mounted infra-red flashlight, multiple cell-phones, a cell-phone locater, clippers, military knives, makeup and masks and a camera filled with photos of schools (common targets for bombings in Lahore and other Pakistani cities)–sound dirtier than the typical CIA fare.

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