Bilderberg 2015: The Real Agenda

Global elite’s secret plan revealed:

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One Reply to “Bilderberg 2015: The Real Agenda”

  1. What Makes the “IDENTIFICATION” of “The (ROYAL) SHAH IN SHAH of the World” so Difficult, is the simple FACT, that “MONEY” can buy Nearly “EVERYTHING”! Normally “Dagobert DUCK”, Bunkering his “Monetary WEALTH” in an Enorme Silo, should be the “OWNER OF THE PLANET”; But He is only the CARTOON SUBSTITUTE, of the Totally COVERED “Real OWNER of the PLANET”, “ROTHSCHILD by NAME”! Who is this GUY, and Where is his CLAN from, that THEY Could “BUY” the “Whole PLANET”? .For this Story, We have to Go Back in TIME, When the Northern Neighbors of CHINA, the HUNS Were Denied, to RAID CHINA, by their “Great WALL”! So instead GOING SOUTH, THEY Went WEST, to “EUROPE”! Their MAIN-TRIBES were the “WHITE & BLACK” HUNS! After their Defeat by the Roman Empire General AETIUS, Somewhere in France, they Retraited! The Black Huns settled in HUNGARY, and the White Huns in the Caucasus Region (Todays Ukraine, CAUCASUS & TURKMENISTAN!)! Because of their BELLICOSITY & CRUELTY, (CHILDREN-SACRIFICES to their “Nature’s God”!) the RUSSIAN CZAR, Conquered “Their EMPIRE of KHAZARIA”! The “ROYAL FAMILY & Their Court-MAGICIANS” fled to EUROPE (Poland, Czechoslowakia, Germany)”under the GUISE of Being JEWS”, taking their immense “Stolen & Captured TREASURE” with Them! Under Oliver CROMWELL, the Usurped BRITAIN & Colonized INDIA, AFRICA & NORTH AMERICA! As “MERCHANTS of DEATH”, They Poisoned The Chinese with Indian OPIUM! For Securing PALESTINE as Their “Homeland”, They Encircled The GERMAN EMPIRE, with their VASSAL-States “Great BRITAIN, FRANCE & SOVIET-RUSSIA”. When They brought in Their ENSLAVED North AMERICANS, GERMANY had to SURRENDER! Their PEACE-CONDITIONS laid the FOUNDATION for WW II ! Today the Rothschild’s BANKERS-CLIQUE Aim at “Full-Spectrum Planetary World – DOMINANCE!!! An ILLUSION ???

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