This is the top story column on CNN on Thursday morning: 

Notice that as it moves down, it goes from “oh Biden’s so great for ending Afghanistan like Trump said he would and never did” to “oh now, Taliban really bad” and then finally: “we can’t do it.”

This is representative of the whole media.

They are saying “oh, Biden is so great for pulling the troops out of Afghanistan” and then saying “oh but no, we can’t leave Afghanistan.”

They’ve said this repeatedly that they’re going to pull the troops out. For Trump’s part, he literally ordered the troops out and the military said “no.”

No way will Biden actually remove all the troops.

Let me explain something:

As long as there are troops in a country, the military has a contact point, and they can land more troops.

As long as they have a point of contact, they can expand the number of troops in any country to whatever level they want it at in literally a couple hours.

There are 2,500 troops in Afghanistan.

Biden could drop it to 250, and frankly he could drop it to 25, assuming they’d hired contractors.

As long as there is an airstrip to land more troops on, the exact number is totally irrelevant.

The other thing is: huge portions of the military have been privatized through these “military contractor” groups. Those don’t count in the numbers.

So in January, when they announced “only 2,500 troops!”, there was another story:

Those people are basically all soldiers, formerly of the US military. They are getting paid by the US government. But they are privately contracted instead of hired directly as soldiers – see the difference?

Neither do I, and no one does.

But no one ever talks about the number of contractors. That headline is from Stars and Stripes, a military publication (based inside the Pentagon).

It’s a hoax!

The media is doing this big hurrah, then when it gets closer to the time to pull out, they will announce they’re actually not pulling them all out.

You can screenshot this.

It’s not something I have any doubt about at all.

The US military never leaves any location, unless they lose.

We still have 40,000 troops in Germany, 50,000 in Japan, 25,000 in South Korea.

The idea that anyone is ever going to “pull all the troops from Afghanistan” is just a blatant, obvious lie.

People see the big


then they don’t see the small

“oh but he’s leaving 500 for safety reasons.”

People just don’t really have any idea what is going on, frankly.

They’re too busy hating the skin tone of some poor good boy who was just walking to church.



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