Biden’s ‘Warning’ of Putin Using Nukes Is Perverse U.S. Projection

The only country that ever used atomic weapons – against civilians – has the audacity to warn the world about the “real risk” of Russia using nukes.

The United States – the only country that ever used atomic weapons in war, and that on a largely civilian population – has the staggering audacity to warn the world about the “real risk” of Russia using nukes.

The real risk to world peace stems from the crazy warmongering Western powers who are deceiving their own public about their criminal provocations.

U.S. President Joe Biden told a fundraising rally in California this week (June 19) that he feared Russian leader Vladimir Putin could resort to using nuclear weapons over the Ukraine conflict. Biden is gaslighting like a deranged psychopath who needs to distract from his own family’s sleazy corruption and his criminal warmongering.

It is the U.S. and its Western allies that have repeatedly feigned an issue of the war in Ukraine going nuclear amid allegations that Russia is the villain with a barbaric plan.

The profanity is that the U.S.-led NATO alliance has recklessly escalated the conflict and yet Biden poses as a voice of sanity warning about the catastrophic danger; the catastrophic danger that his decisions (or those of the imperial deep state that he slavishly follows) have created.

Biden’s latest noble-sounding posture was in reference to the decision by Moscow to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus (with Minsk’s full agreement, it should be noted).

What Biden failed to mention – and the Western media generally fail to mention too – is that the joint decision by Russia and Belarus is a reciprocation to the long-standing anomaly of the U.S. deploying over 100 tactical nuclear bombs in five NATO members: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey.

Only days before Biden made his knight-in-shining-armour performance ostensibly protecting the world, President Putin reiterated that Russia’s nuclear arsenal is exclusively for deterrence and defence only.

He referred to Russia’s well-known defense doctrine which stipulates that nuclear weapons may only be used if Russia’s existential survival is threatened by military attack.

Putin said that while there is always a possible danger of the conflict in Ukraine escalating to a nuclear confrontation, he emphasized that the present conditions did not meet the threshold for such weapons to be used.

“We have no need to use tactical nukes,” Putin told delegates at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 16.

His comments were also seen as a categorical rejection of the idea of preemptive or first use of nuclear weapons. Russia’s defence doctrine forbids such use by definition. But the idea was controversially raised last week in an article written by eminent Russian political analyst Sergei Karaganov.

A heated Russian public debate ensued with several other prominent thinkers and policy experts repudiating Karaganov’s extreme proposition.

In any case, Russia’s commander-in-chief came down firmly to uphold the solely defensive use of nuclear weapons. That is, Putin ruled out any preemptive deployment.

Nevertheless, against all the official statements and evidence, Western media have persistently claimed that Putin is liable to use nukes. Biden’s latest remarks fuel that particular fire, or should we say, smoke and mirrors.

The real danger here is not from Russia, but rather the repeated inference by Western leaders and media which, as Putin noted, “lowers the threshold” for using nuclear weapons because it inculcates pernicious normalcy and paranoid fear among the Western public for expecting a most heinous outcome.

The banning of Russian athletes, literature, music, and so on, together with the constant smearing and dehumanizing of Russian people and the country’s legitimate security concerns appears to be aimed at fomenting a notion that Russia is capable of capriciously using nukes.

This is how propaganda works. This is extremely dangerous brainwashing, or any other number of ways of putting it: perception management, manufacturing consent, or gaslighting.

Biden and his Western elite ilk are full of it. They are all as corrupt as a barrel of excrement.

The Western media propaganda narrative focusing on what “villainous Russia” will do or not do is an awesome psychological projection that is intended to obscure the real threat to world peace.

The fact is it is the United States that is unique among nuclear powers in arrogating “the right” for the first use of nuclear weapons. The U.S. has a doctrine of “Global Prompt Strike” which is an actionable plan to “decapitate” a designated enemy, including non-nuclear states, with preemptive attack.

Given the low intelligence and hyper hubris that now passes for Washington politicians and media that is a perplexing contingency.

And let’s never forget that it was the United States that dropped atomic bombs on Japanese civilians causing over 200,000 deaths in a nuclear holocaust. That ineffable horror can be seen as a first-use action.

Today, the United States not only deploys tactical nuclear weapons across Europe in violation of the 1970 Non-Proliferation Treaty, but it has also unilaterally scrapped three significant arms-control accords with Russia, the Anti-Ballistic Treaty, Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the Open Skies Treaty.

That is while the U.S. has installed short-range nuclear missile capability in Poland and Romania, reducing potential strike time on Moscow to a matter of minutes.

This week Washington deployed strategic nuclear bombers to Sweden and Indonesia for the first time ever. One of its nuclear submarines also docked in South Korea.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the United States and its NATO partners have armed a NeoNazi and Russian-hating regime to the teeth. The U.S. and the European Union are lavishing this regime with hundreds of billions of dollars.

At a so-called “Ukrainian recovery” summit in London this week, various Western leaders talked about Ukraine being “part of our family” and vowed to effectively loot frozen Russian assets worth over €200 billion to donate to this corrupt Kiev regime. Indeed, some family!

Over the past 16 months since Russia launched its military intervention in Ukraine to thwart the NATO-sponsored aggression that had been unleashed in 2014 with a CIA-orchestrated coup in Kiev, President Biden and his Western lackeys have escalated the conflict with ever-more lethal weaponry.

Tanks have been supplied and now U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets are on their way. This week U.S. lawmakers called on Biden to supply Army Tactical Missiles (ATACMS) with a range of 300 kilometers. Britain has already supplied long-range Storm Shadow missiles.

A bridge in Russian-held Crimea was this week hit by NATO long-range missiles. NATO missiles have also been used to destroy the Kakhovka dam in Kherson oblast, as well as strike pre-war Russian territory. The NATO-backed Kiev regime has targeted Moscow with armed drones.

Despite the inordinate Western expenditure and effort to use the Kiev regime as a battering ram for strategically defeating Russia, the Ukrainian proxy war is being lost to Russia. Kiev may be armed to the teeth, but Russian forces are kicking those teeth out at a formidable rate.

The counteroffensive launched on June 4 by the Kiev regime is being decimated by Russian forces. That means the Biden administration has callously and cynically led Ukraine to a slaughter.

As many as 200,000-300,000 Ukrainian military personnel have been killed in total since this war erupted; 13,000 in the last three weeks, according to Russia’s Ministry of Defense.

The truly abhorrent thing is that the war could have been avoided or at least stopped in March 2022 with the signing of a peace deal by Moscow and Kiev.

That deal known as the Istanbul Treaty – was suffocated at birth and thrown in the dustbin by Washington and London because the Western powers were obsessed with defeating Russia to the “last Ukrainian”.

It is not hyperbole to say that the United States and its NATO axis are the heirs to Nazi Germany. This week marked the 82nd anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941. Up to 27 million Russian and other Slavic people were killed in that aggression which finally ended with the Red Army’s heroic victory in Berlin.

For Washington and its NATO partners-in-crime, the long war continues against Russia. But Russia’s victory on the battlefield looks assured from its superior military forces.

This is leading to a historic debacle – one might even say nemesis – for the Western powers. They are facing defeat not just militarily but politically and morally. Their long-held deception and charade as “exceptional” and “moral superiors” are being blown apart.

Given these incredibly high stakes of imminent disastrous defeat, the real danger is that Biden and his corrupt Western ruling apparatus will double down on their losses in order to desperately recoup. Will Washington, London and Co further escalate weapons supply to Ukraine, deploy NATO divisions on the ground or resort to inciting a nuclear war with Russia?

Every word out of the mouth of Western powers is a perverse projection of their own nefarious, criminal conduct.


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