Biden Weaponizes Justice System Against Political Rival Trump

Donald Trump’s indictment is part of the Democratic Party’s routine weaponization of the US justice system to intimidate, silence, and punish their adversaries, political analyst and Associate Professor of History Nicholas Waddy told Sputnik.

Former President Donald Trump has been indicted on seven counts related to his handling of classified documents that were brought to his Mar-a-Lago residency, marking the first time a former president has faced federal charges.

Earlier, Trump wrote on his social media network Truth Social that “the corrupt Biden administration” had informed his lawyers that he had been indicted in a federal investigation and was summoned to appear in court on June 13.

“Legal problems could seriously impede Trump’s ability to campaign effectively for the presidency,” Dr. Nicholas Waddy, a political analyst and associate professor of history at SUNY Alfred, told Sputnik. 

“The main objective of Democratic/establishment ‘lawfare’ against Trump is to render him politically impotent. This could indeed happen. Legal issues will dominate the news, and Trump may eventually find himself incarcerated, gagged, or placed under house arrest. None of this, however, will dent Republicans’ love for Trump. Quite the contrary. (…) Democrats fear Trump politically, and thus it makes sense that they would want to wound him via prosecution. On the other hand, most Democrats in the know would prefer that Trump is the nominee, because they already consider him unelectable. Prosecution is their insurance policy, as it were.”

Trump’s charges concerning the mishandling of classified materials include obstruction of justice, destruction or falsification of records, conspiracy and false statements, as well as one charge under the Espionage Act, the US media reported citing the former president’s attorney Jim Trusty.

At the same time, the federal investigation into President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents since his vice presidential tenure is not close to being finished, according to the mainstream press.

Moreover, the incumbent president has not been even interviewed for the probe, the media claims.

“The double standard that is being applied to Trump and Trump alone is glaring,” Waddy said. “The fact that Biden too retained possession of secret documents is a major political headache for Democrats. It will not phase leftist prosecutors or jurors, however.”

Meanwhile, some Republican lawmakers referred to the timing of Trump’s indictment, claiming that it was arranged to divert the US public’s attention from Joe Biden’s alleged bribery case.

GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna from Florida noted on Twitter that the same day the House Oversight Committee was shown a document by the FBI alleging that President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, were each paid $5 million dollars, the DoJ indicted Trump.

As per Republicans, the Biden administration has “illegally” weaponized his Justice Department.

“In my view, Democrats and liberals will continue to make free use of law enforcement agencies and the justice system to intimidate, silence, and punish their adversaries,” said Waddy.

“Given the tameness and pliability of DC juries, from the Democrats’ perspective, the potential for adversarial prosecution of Republicans is virtually unlimited. Governor Newsom in California speculated that Governor DeSantis in Florida could be prosecuted for ‘kidnapping’ for helping migrants to reach California instead of Florida. He wasn’t joking. Leftists regard all Republicans and conservatives as criminals, ipso facto, and soon enough they may move against many more of us.”


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