Beijing-shanghai high-speed rail trains’ power shaft has unknown crack

Jinan's inspection report

Recently, the saying that the problem train’s axle appeared cracks has popular on the internet, when China CNR Corporation Limited recall 54 Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail trains to inspection and maintenance. CNR formally responded on the saying on Sunday night. CNR said that CRH380BL train hasn’t had a replacement axle, total running 6.8 million kilometers from June 30 to August 16. The real reason for recall was to reduce the failure rate and improve the level of train’s punctuality, as disclosed in the announcement.

According to on August 21, high-speed rail train discovered unidentified cracks on the key axle, even if it officially launched a half of month. From Jinan EMU Bureau’s report on July 15, the CRH380BL high-speed rail train was found a 7.1 mm crack near the gear on the axle of Section 11 based on ultrasound detection.

Connecting the key components of the train wheels, axle is at stake to train’s safety. If there is 2 mm or more than 2 mm of material defects on power shaft, it meets with the retirement standard of Ministry of Railways.

Source: Beijing Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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