NATO’s Ukrainian war will not be the end of their criminality. China and the South China Sea are next and slaughtering the citizens of the Fertile Crescent remains a permanent NATO obsession.

MI5’s BBC recently reported on “a highly symbolic gesture of reconciliation”, where the Presidents of Poland and Ukraine honoured the tens of thousands of Poles who were massacred by Bandera’s Ukrainian thugs during 1943 Volhynia (Volyn) massacre.

Aside from displaying a picture of Ukraine’s Clown Prince Zelensky in his regulation GI Joe outfit, the report, banal enough in its own fashion, was notable in that the BBC told us that “the cathedral service in Lutsk was ecumenical, with both Orthodox and Catholic clergy participating”, that “a wooden cross” was erected in a field to commemorate the victims and that “Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly – and baselessly – branded Mr Zelensky’s government Bandera-style ‘Nazis’”.

Those points are important as there is so much over-whelming evidence that the Zelensky regime is so umbilically connected to the Bandera Nazis (no parentheses needed) that it should not reasonably be disputed.

As regards the wooden cross, that is important as MI5’s BBC has previously praised MI5’s Femem group for deliberately hacking down crosses raised to other victims of that same war and the ecumenical aspect is also of importance because, as the Orthodox Church is banned in Ukraine, no self-respecting Catholic bishop should allow Zelensky or his state-sponsored ‘church’ (parentheses needed) to darken the door of his cathedral.

Far more important than all that is that the BBC, which is presently embroiled in yet another of its periodic child sex scandals, regularly ranks as one of the world’s very top news sources, even though it is nothing of the sort.

The BBC is simply the retail end of NATO’s dis-information empire and is as much a source of news as is your local supermarket’s deli centre a valuable insight into the world’s agricultural industry.

The BBC’s role, as their above cited article shows, is to serve us up whatever granules of mis-information NATO determines are most appropriate at any particular time to their agenda.

To get a sense as to the relatively minor role the BBC plays in NATO’s campaigns, check out the Carnegie Endowment’s pronouncements on Ukraine. Then consider that the Carnegie Endowment is just a minnow in NATO’s vast shoals of think tanks, those in the United Statesand Britain included.

Then consider that these think tanks are also but minnows in NATO’s wider censorship-industrial complex, whose all-encompassing vastness indicates that NATO leaves no stone unturned or source of information unsullied to have its narrative accepted and undisputed.

Those of us who do not want our intelligence insulted by sipping from such sullied wells must look elsewhere for sustenance and, as NATO banned Russia Today and similar sources, that is a time-consuming and often futile task.

Take the issue of cluster bombs, which must be a source of concern not only to Russian citizens but to the Russian Forces’ High Command, whose duty it is to protect those citizens from such barbarities.

We are told, by the BBC amongst others, that POTUS Biden wrestled with his conscience over the issue and that Biden eventually but reluctantly won that Hamlet-like tussle, just as POTUS Obama overcame his own non-existent conscience and armed the Syrian head hackers.

Because American Presidents do not, contrary to British war criminal Boris Johnson’s protestations, have consciences, their handlers will always win such contests. Not only have the Americans, and their British sidekicks in Kosovo, saturated other lands they invaded with such ordnance but such barbarisms have always been an integral part of their battle plans.

No matter whether we are talking about their extermination of the American Indians, their never-ending forays into Latin America, their savagery in the Philippines, Vietnam and Korea and a thousand other killing fields “from the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli”, their game plan has always been the same one of mass murder, collateral damage as these psychopaths euphemistically call it.

Although Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen pleaded with the Americans to “have pity on the Ukrainian people” and not to visit these awful weapons of death on them as they did in Cambodia and Laos, he is wasting his breath as these Americans and their BBC cheerleaders have neither a conscience nor a sense of morality.

Although Jen Psaki and other American war criminals formerly condemned cluster bombs just as they now sing their praises, that is as irrelevant as Putin and thousands more of us pointing out that Bandera’s Nazi legacy sits at the heart of Zelensky’s rump Reich.

That is because we are not having a debate with rational or honest people. Rather, we are in a situation where we are supposed to take Zelensky seriously, despite his penchant for showing his private parts in public.

We are supposed to take Estonia’s Prime Minister seriously, despite her aspirations to be an online troll. And we are supposed to take Creepy Joe Biden seriously, despite his penchant for sniffing little girls, as if he was a decadent BBC presenter.

The British have had a gut full of the BBC’s sexual scandals and they are not alone. The Syrianand Indian government have both given these serial criminals their marching orders because, in the words of Syria’s Ministry of Information, the BBC “has deliberately provided, from time to time, subjective and false information” despite repeated warnings from Syrian authorities.

Indian foreign ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi has described the BBC’s output as a “propaganda piece,” highlighting a “continuing colonial mindset.” And Indian Government adviser Kanchan Gupta has characterized the BBC’s hit pieces as “hostile propaganda” and “anti-India garbage,” adding that New Delhi had ordered YouTube and Twitter to block the BBC’s mis-information on India.

And then there is quixotic Bulgaria which we earlier praised in the context of the works of Belarusian peace activist, President Aleksandr Lukashenko.

Bulgaria has once again stepped up to the plate by telling Zelensky that he cannot militarily prevail, that Bulgaria has other priorities than gifting him and his cronies endless mountains of ordnance and that he should work for peace in Ukraine rather than to be an eternal cog in NATO’s permanent war machine.

Although someday this war is gonna end, China, Iran and its other victors must learn from it and take the appropriate actions to avoid, as far as practicable, any recurrence of these NATO Ukrainian war crimes.

Although the governments of Syria, Bulgaria and India have, however belatedly, charted the right course, it is not nearly enough.

The BBC, despite its less than deft pivots towards Asia, must become a pariah and its cigar munchers and their enablers jailed for the term of their natural lives, without the possibility of parole, Mr Zelensky’s government Bandera-style Nazis (no parentheses needed) should likewise be jailed not only because of their imprisonment of the Kononovich Brothers and far too many others to adumbrate here but for an entire galaxy of crimes factored around their Bandera-style collaboration with NATO and its various think tanks, ‘diplomatic’ (parentheses needed) and media mouth pieces.

NATO’s Ukrainian war will not be the end of their criminality. China and the South China Sea are next and slaughtering the citizens of the Fertile Crescent remains a permanent NATO obsession. We can, at present, do nothing about any of that.

But what we can do, indeed what we must begin to do, is to understand what NATO and its galaxies of think tanks and secret influencers are up to to ensure the criminality of Mr Zelensky’s government Bandera-style Nazis (no parentheses needed) and like-minded Nazi (no parentheses needed) regimes continue.

We must, first of all, emulate an increasing number of Britons by switching off the BBC and switching back on our sovereign minds.

Although that seems an easy thing to do, it is, as Lord Keynes intimated over a century ago, anything but. Just as Keynes showed that POTUS Wilson was “the greatest fraud on earth”, so also must we unbuckle ourselves from the fraudulent BBC and Biden yokes.

Because peace cannot co-exist with the permanent war economy that underwrites the existence of the BBC and Biden, we must choose one or the other and then start moving in one direction or the other.

And though our initial baby steps away from Biden and the BBC might, at first, seem trivial and of no consequence, when solid masses of us abandon them, their inevitable day of reckoning will hit them all the quicker.



By Declan Hayes

Published by SCF



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