Ballmer: A Race War in Slow Motion

As a certified member of the curmudgeon’s tribe, practicing our dismal and lonely trade, I am delighted by the events in Baltimore. Among curmudgeons, almost our only joy is the gratification of confirmation of our dark expectations of humanity. In the case of Ballmer, a particular source of somber joy is the gap separating the Talking-Heads Chorale and reality. Wanton foolishness is ever a curmudgeonly delight.

The Talking-Heads Chorale will see the riots, are seeing the riots, not as an intensification of the undeclared racial war, but as a protest against racist police or the racism of whites. Oh, quite. Never mind that Ballmer’s black government sets standards for the hiring, training, and behavior of its police, and half of the accused cops are black. But the conduct of their police cannot be the fault of blacks, because nothing is.

Feral white women, characterized by low IQ and poor impulse-control, try to steal a black man’s purse. Note chair–a white chair– in upper left. It is a White Supremacist chair, and feels itself to be above blacks in Baltimore.

Ominous for the future, though, is the solidarity of blacks in favor of the looters and arsonists. Our black president Obama, protecting his people, attributes the riots to racism and Republicans. Black leaders, e.g. Al Sharpton, see the villainy of whites as the cause. (I am inclined to agree that the riots involved racism, considering that black rioters reportedly burned chiefly Asian businesses.) The city’s black mayor first said “give them space” to loot. Later she told the police to stand down and let the rioters loot and burn. She has the intelligence of a raisin, but she knows whose side she is on. She isn’t alone. Supportive riots and attacks on whites, e.g. in Charleston have occurred.

The fundamentally racial attitudes of blacks from Obama down appear in the one-sided approach to racial violence. Our black president and black attorney general express sympathy for any black who runs afoul of the police, but none at all for the victims of the unending, undeniable, multitudinous, vicious racial attacks on whites by blacks: The Knockout Game. Obama and Holder cannot possibly be unaware of these attacks. Obama and his tribe are not neutral.

The Chorale says that the Knockout Game is a “myth,” but it demonstrably is not. For any who have the slightest doubt, I recommend Colin Flaherty’s latest, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, documenting, in Kindle format with countless clickable links to original sources, attacks on whites. “Low-intensity race war” is not wild exaggeration, and summer comes.

Several effects will follow on the riots. First, whites will buy guns when they realize that it can happen to them, that a howling mob desirous of kicking them to death and burning their homes really can appear at any moment. Fear of blacks is a major, major sub-text in debate of the Second Amendment. We must not say it, though.The Chorale, safe in high-rise condos with security desks, will call the buyers Gun Nuts and say that they are over-reacting. There is nothing like a complete misunderstanding of motivations to make for good journalism.

Second, whites will sensibly move out of Ballmer, leaving it blacker and poorer and of less interest to anyone but its black residents. The Chorale will sing of White Flight and Abandonment, instead of common sense and self-preservation. (Note that when whites move into a black city, blacks complain of colonization, and when they move out, of abandonment. It’s like a toggle switch.) Third, burned-out business will not return to be burned again. The city will thus have fewer jobs, fewer amenities, and no pharmacy, as they sacked and torched their CVS outlet. The Chorale will attribute this withdrawal to racism, slavery, oppression, White Privilege, and microaggressions. What else could account for not wanting one’s store burned?

In particular, blacks, having burned their pharmacy, will complain that it isn’t there. They will not see a connection between its burning and its not-thereness. The Chorale will not see in this behavior low intelligence, short time-horizons, and inability to control impulses or to foresee consequences. No. It is the ineradicable racism of whites that makes a burned pharmacy not be there.

Two hundred businesses destroyed in Baltimore: Breitbart: . This makes sense. When something happens that I don’t like, I usually go to the local Walmart, steal everything I can carry, and then burn the store. Don’t you? What is really comic though is from Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland: It “will take a little while to get back to normal, but let’s get people back to normal, get people back in the city to visit devastated shops.” Since many of those shps didn’t have barbaric-population insurance, they will not reopn, and if they do, it won’t be in black Ballmer.Which is what the city deserve.

It is the weird emotionalism and what appears to be utter brainlessness that grabs attention. Let us assume that, as may be the case, the police (hired and trained by a black government) did indeed do the things of which they are accused. This might reasonably explain attacks on the police. How does it explain burning a pharmacy? Or businesses that had nothing to do with the police? The phrase “thieving moronic savages” would not be politically correct and so, hewing as I do to the standards of society, I won’t use it. It may flash across my mind, though.

What we see, methinks, is a hunter-gatherer society, in which blacks hunt whites and gather expensive tennis shoes. In the absence of yams and kudus, this I suppose is understandable. Gather ye yams while ye may….

Where does this lead? The Chorale will speak in unison, with the rhythmic thump-thump-thump of a migraine, of White Privilege, Jim Crow, racism, institutional racism, White Supremacy, and so on. (Funny: I do not think I have ever met a White Supremacist. I have met a very great many white people who want to be allowed to live where they want with whom they want, among people who share their values and do not engage in crime, looting, arson, and the Knockout Game.)

What we have are irreconcilably different peoples. The looting classes are not going to turn into whites, not going to become academically diligent, speak normal English, give up crime and illegitimacy. If they were going to, they would have. There is no sign of change, and no sign that there ever will be change. We have what we are going to have. And yes, as many will point out, there are large numbers of blacks, indeed most blacks, who do not do these disagreeable things. But that has been true of every city which has ever rioted, and it did not prevent the riots.

Not too brightly, the rioters seem to be looking for a race war. The Black Panthers say that they are “willing to kill.” We hear “No justice, no peace.” Calls resound to kill the police, to kill whites. This is not smart, considering that whites and Hispanics, who do not like blacks, vastly outnumber them, and out-gun them, and food does not come from burned-out Safeways but from distant farms owned by whites. But they are used to being allowed to burn and loot as they think interesting. They seem to have little idea of the future, and what will happen if the Chorale loses its grip and whites say, as many privately do, “Let’s get it on.”

If you find this warlike behavior inexplicable, remember that the rioters live in a head-space entirely different from that of people who read on-line columns. Most can’t read, or barely can and so don’t. Most probably can’t spell “slavery,” don’t know the dates of the Civil War, and have only the pathetic and distorted notions of history that the Chorale allows them to be taught. Nothing can be done about this. We have what we are going to have.

So what to do? Separate the races. Stop trying to push together peoples that have nothing in common. End “Fair” Housing Laws. Write laws that encourage whites to get out of Dodge. Let black suburbs be black by their own choice, and white, white. Allow historically-white colleges to be white if they choose. Let white regions escape what they do not want, and let blacks have what they do want. In particular, if blacks have only black police forces, and whites have white (conservation of parity) then greater racial peace will follow.

This is not an ideal solution, there being no ideal solution. It is obvious that blacks, or at least the urban underclass, cannot on average support themselves in a modern technological civilization. We are not supposed to say this but, I suspect, most of us know it. Fine. Keep the welfare flowing. Regard it as equivalent to a golf handicap. (The other day I saw that some city is going to make both breakfast and lunch free in schools. This is better than letting go hungry. It is also a step toward an undisguised custodial state.) But if the riots go on, and spread more widely as they seem likely to do, and the attacks on whites continue, the danger is that one day whites will shoot back. The country would never recover.


(Reprinted from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)

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