Australian War Games: The U.S. Military Machine OUT OF Control in Asia-Pacific

The “military machine” of the United States is “out of control” as it is spreading its military tentacles throughout the Asia-Pacific region amid a massive and unprecedented series of war games in Australia, an antiwar activist says.

Approximately 20,000 US troops descended on Australia’s east coast for a joint military exercise this week in the biggest such exercise to date.

“This is part of the Obama administration’s signaled so-called Asia-Pacific shift or Pivot,” Rick Rozoff, manager of the Stop NATO organization said in a phone interview with Press TV’s US Desk on Thursday.

The Obama administration’s so-called “pivot to Asia” involves the repositioning of American military forces throughout the Asia-Pacific region as well as strengthening US military alliances and strategic partnerships in that part of the world.

In order to display its military might, the Pentagon leads multinational military exercises each year in the Asia-Pacific region, which is a “very dangerous escalation of US military presence,” Rozoff said.



The exercises are “a cause of severe concern to countries like China and to Russia.”

Rozoff described the US military as “out of control” that needs to be disarmed and pacified by the international community.



The US and Australia have strengthened their alliance in recent years.

The US military is building up its presence in Australia and plans to send 2,500 Marines there on six-month rotations each year starting in 2016.



By Rick RozoffPress TV

Global Research

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