Are Hamas and Qatar the Turkey Agency of a Palestinian Spring?

 The response to the Palestinian bid for recognition of its status as a State within the context of the 66th session of the UN General Assembly was “that a Palestinian Solution only would be possible within a comprehensive solution for the problems in the Middle East “. Since then, the world has witnessed a series of unprecedented NATO aggressions that have brought the world to the brink of a global conflict.

The cynical abuse of UNSC Resolution 1973-2011 on Libya to oust the Libyan government, murder the de facto Head of State Muammar Ghadafi, and the installation of several absolutely dependent proxy militia based governments, that have thrown the nation into state of self destruction, facilitated by a NATO that needs the oil, and the territory as possible staging area for a Syrian or Iranian campaign. The relentless covert war on Syria and the war on Iran which may very well be imminent.(ibid.)

With a Fatah controlled Palestinian Authority that is rightfully accused for selling out on Palestine, and recent negotiations in Amman which were called unforgivable by the PFLP, and strongly criticized by the DFLP and other member organizations of the PLO, Palestinians could ask themselves, how much worse things actually could become.

Keeping in mind, that the sole beneficiaries of what is euphemistically called “The Arab Spring”, which has almost become a Franchise Commodity in style with “The Holocaust” – capital letters – Palestinians are well advised to be on their guards and hold their political leaderships responsible for guaranties, that non, including Fatah and Hamas should develop ambitions to letting Obama´s comprehensive solution be implemented by a NATO/Zionist Arab Spring in Palestine. The signs are strongly indicating that this may be the case.

The recent, more than friendly relations between Hamas and Turkey ought to be carefully scrutinized, and for a number of reasons. One being, that Turkey´s and R. Tayyip Erdogan´s political grand standing with respect to the Israeli act of piracy against a Turkish registered Gaza Flotilla vessel and the Erdogan governments cessation of Turkish Israeli trade, diplomatic and military co-operation only lasted a few weeks.

By now, Turkey is back to business as usual, which includes military and intelligence co-operation with Israel. A second would be the strong Turkish – Qatari co-operation in the covert war against Syria. A Syria, which – and I feel sad that I should remind many Palestinians about it – is the sole Arab nation that consequently has been and is supporting Palestine.

When Hamas, short after entering the PLO is blasted by members of the PLO executive committee, for stating its solidarity with Syria, while shortly after declaring that Hamas will be sending a delegation to Amman, Jordan, for meetings with the Jordanian government and representatives from Qatar, there arises one simple question, which Hamas ought to answer to the People of Palestine.

Is Hamas planning to play a role in a ” Zionist / NATO organized Arab Spring ? ” It is a question that Palestinians ought to ask Hamas, and one Hamas ought to answer before it is sending a delegation to Amman on Sunday.

The problem is, that it may very well be that Hamas has been duped into an entrapment in glory; just like the PLO and Fatah were before the Oslo Accords. It may very well be that Hamas truly believes that it´s new found friends from Turkey, Jordan, and Qatar have the best of the People of Palestine in mind – but then, can anyone in a leading position at Hamas really be so naive to believe that Obama´s comprehensive solution for the Middle East, which includes the selling out on Syria would mean anything but the possibility that it would be Hamas rather than Fatah that would administrate the Zionist genocide on the People of Palestine?

The People ought to ask the question, and Hamas ought to answer it before Sunday.


Dr. Christof Lehmann

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