An open letter to the African Union for feasible and practical action on the Libyan Crisis

June 11, 2011

Note: The following letter, which is self-explanatory, was emailed to various officials of the African Union, whose email addresses were available on its web site, on June 8, 2011. So far, I have received no response and none is expected. In the sinister post-communist imperialist dominated world reality, there are unprecedented types and levels of the mutilation, distortion, perversion, and atrophy of human soul, spirit, intellect, reason, rationality, justice, and truth; not only in the imperialist countries, but worldwide. Almost everyone is absorbed in worshipping money, things, and power, and has no time, courage, or desire to see the nature of this reality and what is going on in it, including to themselves. In spite of knowing all this, the author considers it his duty and responsibility to do what is essential to be done by the requirements of authentic and un-mutilated human soul, spirit, intellect, and rationality. That is why he wrote this letter and sent it to the African Union.

An open letter to the African Union for feasible and practical action on the Libyan Crisis

I am an interdisciplinary researcher and writer. I am writing this letter about yet another great Western imperialist crime and atrocity against yet another Third World country, Libya, which is one of the most important members of the African Union (AU), in the formation and funding of which, the Libyan Leader Muammar Gadhafi had played a key role. In spite of his crucial practical support to the African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa, against the apartheid regime, as well as to many other African and Third World nations and national liberation movements around the world, some AU members, including South Africa, voted for the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 1973 of 2011, while some others abstained. That resolution was a self-evident Western imperialist and colonialist plot to invade Libya, overthrow its legitimate government, replace it with a puppet regime, and establish much greater control over its huge energy and other resources and wealth. This has been obvious to every person, even with a minimum of intelligence, common sense, and knowledge of the history of imperialism and colonialism, especially in Africa that suffered the most brutal and devastating forms of them, from which it is still struggling to recover. It is simply not possible or credible that the African leaders could not see through this demonic imperialist plot. The only explanation for their actions and non-actions is that they chose to collaborate with the US and NATO imperialism in this great historical moment of truth, in this great historical moment of test. It is indeed a great shame for the mankind in general and African Union in particular that such great imperialist crime and atrocity is not only being allowed to be committed, but was voted for by some members of the African Union, among others, at the UNSC.

I wrote an in-depth article, “Gadhafi, Libya, counter-revolution, and the imperialist pack of hyenas”, on March 25, 2011, on this matter, which has been published on many web sites in the US, UK, China, Pakistan, Ghana, and Nigeria. Following is a web link to it on one of those sites:
-counter-revolution-and-the-pack-of-imperialist-hyenas-by-fa …

For your convenience, I am also sending it in the attachment with this email.

At the current stage, the greatest danger lies in the possible invasion of Libya by the ground forces of NATO. They have already stretched and violated the UNSC Resolution 1973 in every possible way, with impunity. The least African Union can do now is to counter that very real danger by a credible threat of its own, as the US and the West only understand and pay attention to force and the language of force. African Union now has the absolute duty and responsibility to publicly declare that if there is an invasion of Libya by the NATO ground forces, the African Union will send its own ground forces to counter them and to prevent further violations of UNSC Resolution 1973 and more slaughters of Libyan and African people. Such a position is quite feasible and practicable. It will also elevate the African Union to high moral, political, and rational ground and will boost its international prestige enormously. It is almost certain that if the African Union takes such a principled and firm stand, powerful countries, like China and Russia, will also put their weight behind it. This is now the only effective way to thwart the imperialist aggression and its plot of plunder, robbery, and colonialism of a fellow African Union country.

I request that this proposal be presented to the highest officials of the African Union and given the most serious consideration.

Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.
June 8, 2011

Author : By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.

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