An Open Letter To President Putin from Nairobi, Kenya: “Africa Stands With Russia- Why Russia Must Crash & Decapitate The Head Of This Snake Of Neo-Colonialism Once And For All”


An Open Letter To President Putin

To: H. E. President Vladimir Putin,
President, The Russian
Federation, & Commander-In-
Chief, The Russian Aerospace
From: James Gathungu,
Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya
Date: 4th March, 2022

Dear Your Excellency Distinguished Sir,

Ref: Africa Stands With Russia- Why Russian Must Crash & Decapitate The Head Of This Snake Of Neo-Colonialism Once And For A All.

I hope this letter finds you well. And please receive my warmest greetings from the Westlands suburb of Nairobi, Kenya. I know that the probability of this letter ever reaching you is almost negligible but I’ll write it nevertheless.

Well, Your Excellency Sir, to paraphrase my favorite words of James Albert Michenener (in his massive book, Space), space is limitless. It stretches on forever. You, Your Excellency Sir, and I, reside on a minute speck of dust- revolving around a minor star- on the far edge of a minor galaxy. And when we die, we are forgotten. And some day, the galaxies themselves’ll be gone, too. The only morality that makes sense in this world therefore is to at least say a little “thank you” to the change makers daring to confront with boldness, the trajectory of history by facing pure evil head on- and at any and all costs- in the course of their lives… just like you have done with the mess in Ukraina. Quite clearly, Your Excellency President Putin, sir, you have put on the armor of God, and the purpose of this letter is thank you as you move fast to get what needs to be done, well, done.

I’m sure you’ll be very pleasantly surprised to learn that the majority in Africa, just as is the case around many other parts of the world, are exceedingly impressed by the huge amount of courage, bravery and unrelenting decisiveness that you continue to display on the international stage by forcefully confronting imperialists that thought they could trifle with Russia. It is indeed possible that you will never know just how truly proud we all are of you, down here in good old Africa. In a world that has completely gone mad, it is very, very easy indeed for us here in Africa to figure out who the real adult in the room is. In the eyes of lots of Africans, the massive country that is the Russian motherland is considered a giant military, technological, geopolitical and diplomatic superpower, and many of us here on this continent could have found it almost impossible to forgive you if you had not acted on the atrocities visited upon the long suffering Donbas by the shameful geopolitical cesspool festering in Ukraina since Nuland’s Maidan putsch of 2014.

Many attentive observers deem the killing of all of 14, 000 souls in Novorrosiya in the impunity of the last 8 years as geopolitically unpalatable. We expect that when Russia’s military operation there is concluded, all the perpetrators- especially the neo-nazis that burnt people alive in Mariopul, will, as promised, be speedily brought to account for their actions in a precedent-setting full public trial, no matter whom they think they are.

Also, Your Excellency Sir, please also kindly allow me to- on behalf of all Africans- express the stupendous gratitude that many of us here forever feel for your game-changing intervention in Syria years ago that finally brought calm and sanity there. Even today, it is still utterly shocking that people calling themselves leaders reportedly encouraged Syrian civilians to kill each other to the tune of a whopping 500, 000 souls lost in the name of “promoting democracy”. Only the Almighty God knows by just how many orders of magnitude this utter mayhem would have escalated had the Russian armed forces merely only stood by and watched without acting to halt the rabid madness. That both President Biden of the United States and President Erdogan of Turkey are still openly blocking Russia from unifying and pacifying that much abused country as Syrian children freeze to death in the refugee tents of Idlib is very, very sad indeed. For which culture, may I ask… which world religion, finds any honor in old men of the ages of both Joe Biden and Recep Erdogan eating dinner at all, ever going to bed, or finding any sleep whatsoever, while infants, toddlers and mere babes suckle the milkless breasts of raped young mothers who froze to death in the frigid nights of the howling tents in Idlib. Does anyone at all seem to have any idea that there is a God in Heaven? And if it is indeed true that modern communications have effectively reduced our world into a global village (in Kenya for instance, 100% of all adults aged above 18 years own a cellphone), then western leaders appear to have no inkling whatsoever that the destruction of Libya, the devastation of Iraq, the dismembering of Afghanistan, Syria, Zimbabwe, the Congo, Mozambique, et al, is being correctly and widely judged as the open greed of imperialism that it is.

As a matter of fact, no less a person than  Liz Truss, the actual sitting foreign secretary of the United Kingdom, is recently on record saying that Britons should be encouraged to volunteer to fight for Ukraine’s so-labeled “international legions”, euphemism for a “mercenary corps”, to help her country colonize this vast nation located right at the doorstep of Russia. Is Lizz Truss ready to volunteer her two children for the Ukrainian Army’s Donbas frontline to face the Russian military? Or she is, perhaps- putting into account her job description and pay grade- currently having a good go at convincing the two grandsons of the Queen of England- Prince William and his little brother, Prince Harry to travel and help hold fort in the encircled city of Mariopul and face down the prospect of Russia’s hypersonic missiles? Or is Lizz Truss hoping to achieve her objectives of fighting wars in Eastern Europe by using other people’s children? Viewed from down here in Africa, and coming from Queen Elizabeth’s Britain that we all used to respect so much, this is such an unbelievably irresponsible provocation, making us to ask this question: is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth still in charge at Buckingham Palace as her top government bureaucrats openly plan senseless bloodbaths in full glare for all to see. Is there a grown up still left anywhere in the U.K.? Has everybody gone mad in Britain? Even worse, every media house, country, person, corporate, and organization in the EU and NATO nakedly seems to have been drugged into one of history’s most shamefully cringeworthy web of lies, propaganda and daily nonsense in their foolish discussions of the war in Ukraine. Yet even a man with one eye can see for himself the suicidal shenanigans that these discredited and ill mannered leaders are rendering near Russia’s very borders. How do the likes of Stoltenberg, Truss, Sholz, Borrel, et al ever hope to clean up their now tattered images in the global public opinion? What a misconducting, delusional collection of utterly irresponsible leadership now running the once much admired Europe!!! When the dust eventually settles, and the correct history is written about today’s crisis in Ukraine, I have little doubt that these so called European leaders will emerge as the scourge of our generation.

For us here in Africa however, the very worst we have witnessed so far in this rapidly deteriorating farce are the now very viral videos online, of African refugees, especially university students, being unbelievably so disgustingly racially discriminated against as they flee Ukraine into the EU. Apparently, the skins of Africans fleeing into Poland are too black to deserve the clothes, shoes, and billions of dollar donations being collected throughout Europe by all manner of self-serving organizations by the shipload for war refugees. A good example is that all Kenyans students escaping to Poland have been given just 15 days to get out of that EU territory; proving that the EU is the most racist collective anywhere in the world today. Incidentally, the baking cake in the oven that is the EU’s now full blown, open racism against ethnic Russia wouldn’t be complete without the beautiful topping of the black cherries of racism against Africans fleeing EU’s war. So much for “our Western values”!

In this regard, distinguished President Putin, I’d very kindly like to bring to your personal attention the fate of a young lady by the name of Chonga- I believe she could be from Zambia- who is a university student at the military university in Sumy, Ukraine. Her mother was pleading on international TV that she may be desperate and in despair. Please honorable sir, kindly allow me to request you to get Miss Chonga out to safety. There were 75, 000 foreign students in Ukraine as of last week, with a quarter of them being from Africa. 10, 000 of them are said to have escaped and are now facing open, official EU racial abuse, with one viral video showing Somali students having no choice but to burn their clothes and bag in order try to keep warm in the harsh European winter after the Polish refugee service ignored them. Very many are trapped in Sumy, Ukraine, where reportedly there are no buses in or out. Africa will forever be exceedingly grateful to you should the Almighty God put you in a position to mobilize the Russian Red Cross, UNICEF Russia (UNICEF is the UN agency with the mandate over higher education), etc, to organize an air bridge from Ukraine to Nairobi, Kenya of all African university student war victims for onward forwarding to their mother countries. I believe this is possible since you have already accomplished the same arrangement for Tanzanian students with the Tanzanian government.

Meanwhile, as Africans confront the reality of a viral neo-apartheid these past few days on EU territory, European companies are making a killing in here Kenya. A good example is Unilever. This company has been selling the Omo and Sunlight detergents, Blue Band Margarine, among other bar soaps, personal care products, and so on for years, to millions of families in Africa. In the same breath, Vodafone’s payment systems and mobile wallets whose revenues is in the annual trillions of shillings continue to vacuum off African income to its foreign shareholders at rates that were unprecedented even at the height of colonialism. As European media goes overdrive with their shameful hysterics in fomenting the war in Ukraine, in the past one week alone, the prices of these products in Kenya have rapidly sky-rocketed, revealing the real motives of this shameful insanity of ongoing European media blitzkrieg busy inciting the Ukrainians into armed conflict against their Russian Slavic brothers. In 2022, Unilever and other European companies such as oil marketers (In Kenya, European oil companies, having achieved absolute monopoly here are now the importers, the wholesalers, the transporters and retailers of fuel and cooking gas, having largely edged out locals from this value chain through well orchestrated media campaigns of “adulterated fuels” accusations against petrol stations owned by indigenous locals. In fact, there is nary a viable street in Nairobi without a petrol station owned by Europeans with some being separated by mere meters on some streets. Besides their overpriced fuels, the Kenyan government has for years now routinely been setting aside even more additional billions for these European oil marketers to “subsidize poor Kenyans against the escalating price of fuels”. It’s total racketeering). As such, in 2022, European companies are truly set to make record-making killings in profits as the world burns. The cold, neo-colonial European financial calculation in this whole conflict is therefore to wreck the Russian economy, kill Russians with poverty, as well as, ultimately, overflowing the coffers of European companies through the raping of African customers of European goods and services in the fog of war. The real irony in all this though is that although the skins of Nigerians, Kenyans, Zambians, Somalis and other ethnic Africans fleeing into EU territory is too black and therefore racially undeserving of shoes, clothes and foodstuffs donated elsewhere in the EU, these Africans are nonetheless also just good enough and therefore need to be urgently repatriated in order to be raped economically on their continent through inflated consumer goods prices.

Even worse, Your Excellency sir, this neo-colonialism is being ratcheted up at the worst possible time, when drought is vastly devastating the Horn of Africa. Just late last year, thousands of pastoralist livestock in Kenya starved to death for lack of pasture and water, rendering entire swathes destitute. And as you can see in the latest edition of Kenya’s “The East African” newspaper, US$ 87 million dollars worth of Kenyan imports to Russia have been abruptly stopped due to sanctions on your distinguished country. I have little doubt that these commodities will eventually reach Russia, but at much higher prices, and with new European brokers. What this means is that poor Kenyan coffee, tea and flower farmers and workers that used to handle these products are on their way to untold poverty. And because their tax contributions will evaporate, the Western owned multilateral lenders will be lining up to loan the Kenyan government millions of dollars in the near term. As of yesterday, the Kenyan parliament was busy raising our debt ceiling to legally allow it absorb more foreign debt. This is why the Kenyan government is now already well set to borrow massively from European and other banks based locally at interest rates that are currently likely criminal on EU territory. But as I usually say with these things, Your Excellency Sir, one needs to replicate this Kenyan scenario across all 54 African countries to get an idea of the sheer extent of this neo-colonialism to the tune of annual trillions shylocked and shaken down from the already impoverished African. That’s why Africa supports Russia as your highly distinguished military fights to break the neck of this apartheid.

Hopefully, in the face of the terrible racism recently meted to African refugees in Poland, Africa is set to demonstrate to Europeans what real sanctions look like when all our 54 countries eventually boycott products of every European country until they fully restore our crucial African earnings and trade with Russia.

And as you may very well remember, President Putin, the late Muammar Ghadafi, the former Libyan president, was invaded, killed, and his country utterly destroyed because of his two great ambitions and overarching continental visions that were way ahead of his time, namely: i.) The creation of a United States Of Africa, and ii.) A single African continental currency, the “African Dinar”, backed by the gold standard.

Considering that culture does not make people but that it’s people who actually make culture, the current global structures were made by people, and some of them may have run their course… In light of the afore going, and specifically in regard to mitigating the economic risks on African economies posed by Western sanctions that lack the basic manners of consulting the African Union before arbitrarily imposing them, I hereby propose the three parties constituting (a.) The Russian Central Bank, (.b) the Chinese Central Bank as well as (.c) the consortium of African Central Bankers under the chairmanship of the BRICS Bank to immediately convene a thorough technical study of the short term, medium term, and long term effects that the current Western sanctions on Russia will have on African economies such as increases of prices of basic goods, inflation, unemployment, trade losses, loss of export markets, capital flight, currency devaluations, degradation of foreign reserves, export substitutions and so on- with the overriding objectives being to (1.) Immediately actualize Muammar Ghadafi’s vision of the above mentioned single continental currency, the African Dinar, anchored on the gold standard (2.) The creation of the African version of SWIFT to be eventually interlinked with both the Chinese and Russian iterations of the same.

Sir, we are praying for your quick success in thoroughly cleaning up the entire Ukraine of its geopolitical cesspool. Also, I personally take this opportunity to invite you to, when all this is finally over, consider paying a state visit to Kenya. Hopefully, you will be accompanied by the entire spectrum of Russian business: manufacturing, services, commodities, et al.

Thanks and kind regards,

James Gathungu,
Westlands, Nairobi,


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  1. What a great honest article! Not only to go to Russia, but to China and then to South America and entire Asia plus the middle East. It will move mountains. Best respect .

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