An open letter in Valetine’Day seven years ago

Recently, junior students in Nangjing University’s Xianlin Campus are moving to Gulou Campus. In 418 dorm in Gulou south Campus, a letter from Valentine’s Day seven years ago were occasionally found, which become the most popular topic in the BBS of Nanning University.

The letter writes that:

Dear my brothes,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, sister-in-law frankly tells you that I generously send you a box of chocolates to share good things with you. Zhao Zhifu (the boyfriend of the writter) is so thin but good at eating. Please take care! We should be equally. According to scientific calculation, the total weight is 240 grams. There are five boys. It is 48 grams per person.

It is sure that you couldn’t eat my chocolates for free. My means mainly is that you help me to supervise my boyfriend. Take care of his action. If there are abnormal expectations, please immediately call me.

My telephone number is ******** (24-hour working)

Report will be awarded, but the winners are released in next Valentine’s Day.

Source: Sina Weibo

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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