An angry bomb is more dangerous than a real one

“I am a normal person. I have no crime or illegal petition”, Qian Mingqi’s micro blog said. “But I step on a road I don’t want to step on”.

The words might have been those of Dong Cuirun, the revolutionary fighter for new China, but he he has been gone for a long time.

Qian made his own attempt for a better life.

Three blasts rocked government buildings in Jiangxi province, East China. The first bomb went off at 9:18 am on May 28 near the People’s Procuratorate of Fuzhou city, and was followed about ten minutes later by another explosion in Linchuan District Administrative Center. The third explosion came at 9:45 am near the Linchuan District Food and Drug Administration. The blasts killed three people, including the Qian and injured ten others, local officials said.

The blasts were planned by Qian, a jobless man involved in a house demolition dispute, who wanted to vent his anger at the local government. A source with Linchuan government said Qian was not satisfied with his compensation and was angry about a case currently under review. 

Just two days after the blasts in Jiangxi, an explosion killed one person and injured two others at a bus company in south-westChina on Saturday.

When will it end?

Should a series of tragedies mark China’s progress along the road to revival?

I have no idea, but I know that it’s painful process.

In recent years, China has seen numerous protests and other disturbances every year, particularly over land disputes and demolitions. For example, the self-immolation of several people trying to stop demolitions in Yihuang in Jiangxi province, or the Wang Shuai, a young man worked in Shanghai, who was detained by Lingbao police in Henan province, for complaining in an online post about Lingbao government and illegal demolitions. The Lingbao police, came from Henan to Shanghaito arrest him for libel against the local government. Then there was Qian Yunhui, who was elected to a village office in 2005 and led the villagers in a land dispute petition for five years. He was thrown into prison three times, but he didn’t give up. He was killed in a traffic accident last year.

Qian Mingqi was different from Qian Yunhui. Qian Yunhui always had faith in the judicial system and social justice, but Qian felt helpless. Qian Mingqi left a message on his micro blog which said, he didn’t want to be Qian Yunhui and that he wanted to kill bad people for all the people. 

Qian Mingqi was too impulsive and he injured innocent people. Violence is not the way to resolve the problem it will only make it worse.

Let’s hope a tragedy like this does not happen again. However, the only way to guarantee that is if we have a fair society.

China’s rapid modernization has brought many problems linked to official corruption and abuse of power. Each issue nurtures the hidden anger of the people.

If that fails to happen, there is likely to be a lot of angry bombs waiting to go off.

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