We are entering a critical stage of the government mechanism of power, and a steep rise in scepticism against the government in terms of security policy and foreign policy.

If we now take a closer look at the current U.S. societal crisis, given the context of all manner of lies, falsehoods, untruths and false flags we keep hearing and the way they are conveniently spoon-fed to the general public in the USA and the Collective West, the U.S. general public tends to be deeply divided.

There is the rise of scepticism among the pro-Dems population though, the pro-Trump supporters have always been more shrewdly sceptical. There are a multitude of legal investigations in the U.S. about some of these affairs.

Yet, the pro-Dems supporters in the U.S. tend to completely ignore what Seymour Hersh has exposed recently. One pressing issue is how come the members of the U.S. Congress knew nothing about the Nord Stream blast?

All this plunges the whole country into a most severe political crisis, which can only deepen further. One can draw a logical conclusion that a narrow group of people take national foreign policy decisions on behalf of the whole USA rather than the real U.S. institutions in place.

Seymour Hersh says that the decision about the Nord Stream was taken by William Burns, CIA boss upon the recommendation by Biden administration and Biden himself, in order to identify a sure-fire way as to how to blast the Nord Stream. Jake Sullivan, National Security advisor, was one of the key persons in charge.

The Biden administration persists in their denial of the Nord Stream blast and arrogantly dismisses Hersh’s story but the Norwegian Ministry of Defense said that it all began with the BALTOPS NATO exercises on 17 June 2022 when the mines were physically placed onto the pipelines.

The Norwegian troops activated the explosives at the pre-set time. Anyone remembers Liz Truss’s notorious text message to Antony Blinken immediately after the blast?

The Norwegian government by issuing a lame political excuse denies a minesweeper being there in the location in these waters. The role of Norway is rather intriguing therein, given the fact that the NATO Secretary General is Jens Stoltenberg, a Norwegian himself.

Was there a chance that all that went on without all the NATO high officials knowing about it? Yes, there was and yes it was possible. Very much so. Because the Americans are in charge in that they pull all the political strings with the Norwegians left “in the pitch-black political dark.”

If Americans do not want to share the information with anybody, their political and military “lips” would be most definitely sealed. The Norwegians put forth a deviously sly denial, saying only a feeble sounding fact about the minesweepers with the dismissal of their own role in it.

For the explosives to be activated, highly trained professionals can pre-programme the trigger and activate it at the pre-set time. Somehow, historical Quisling comes to mind. The Norwegian political and military elite tend to be the new quislings of the new Reich again with NATO playing its most treacherous game so far.

As far as the apparently categorical denial to their alleged involvement in the Nord Stream blast by the U.S. power structures, Scott Ritter and Larry Johnson, both being long lasting friends with Seymour Hersh, confirm the same.

They can say without fear of contradiction that Seymour Hersh provides most credible and genuine reports with impeccable professional integrity in that he never makes use of only one source and more importantly his sources normally come from the U.S. intelligence structures, military structures or both.

Larry Johnson, a veteran CIA analyst, in one of his reports reminds us of the cynical U.S. slogan “Deny everything and launch a counter attack”.

And regrettably, the list of downright lies goes on endlessly, in that we can only recall a few years ago Mike Pompeo generously dishing out his advice as to how the CIA tends to think. “We lied, we cheated, we stole,” says him with arrogant sarcasm.

Avid Sherlock Holmes readers can remember an old rule: “To whom is it a benefit?” American political elites tried pinning it on the Russians again. Why would the Russians ever do that? In what way would they benefit?

The U.S. Deep State even did everything imaginable to put a spanner in the works of the Nord Stream 1 development in that they blackmailed a number of EU officials but Angela Merkel went on steadfastly.

Yet, the Americans started their operational actions to destroy it. They did the same with the Southern Stream in Serbia, Southeast Europe in that they put a huge pressure to hinder and halt its construction.

To get back to Seymour Hersh, he is surely a journalist of high repute and a great reporting stature. He is famous for winning the Pulitzer Prize back in the 70s and a number of other reputable awards and prizes.

He has exposed many other affairs up to date. On December 22, 1974, Hersh exposed Operation Chaos, a massive CIA program of domestic wiretapping and infiltration of anti-war groups during the Nixon administration.

He also wrote to expose the U.S. lies about Iraq and then about the alleged deadly sarin attacks allegedly caused by Assad, according to the U.S. conveniently misinterpreted narratives Hersh was the one to unmask all those blatant U.S. lies in comprehensive detail.

The American political elite(s) are evidently obsessed with impeding and preventing each and every cooperation between Russia and the rest of Europe which all boils down to the (un)fine geopolitics again.

There is a dire need for the brand new alliance of powers which would oust Americans from Eurasia though the Americans view that as a lethal danger so much so that they would resort to anything imaginable to prevent it, even if they had to resort to a war.

George Friedman, from STRATFOR, reiterated the very same thing in 2015. U.S. geopolitics is heavily ridden with their fixation to rule the world but regrettably it comes with exceptionally murderous consequences. The only way to challenge that state of the matters may well be the land consolidation on Eurasian soil.

Only then the U.S. may rule the world. Russia and China are viewed as their continual and lethal threats. That is the reason why they are ramping up the tensions with China now.

The U.S. general public is dangerously split into two extreme polarities along these lines as well. There are a lot of legal investigations in the USA about some of these recent affairs.

If we go back to Hunter Biden’s laptop, a number of “elitist” U.S. lawyers threaten some of the more truth seeking investigative journalists who disclose all the nefarious doings that they would be taken to court because they allegedly exposed their clients’ private information.

And now there is no mention in the mainstream media about the laptop anymore other than labelling it “the Russian collusion” again (aka Hillary Clinton style)

This goes to indicate the most critical stage in U.S. governance because whether the information leaks out or not is beyond their control. Now they have to resort to pressure and force, continually fuelled by mainstream media hype and cancel culture tactics.

So far there have been brutal arrests of anybody who challenges their narrative. We are entering a critical stage of the government mechanism of power, and a steep rise in scepticism against the government in terms of security policy and foreign policy.

One needs only remember the stolen elections from Donald Trump and fraudulently ousting Trump from office in 2020.

For the commentators able to establish historical and political parallels, many similar or even the same tactics of the so-called orange revolutions were applied to prevent Donald Trump from getting his second term in office in 2020.

Some of the perpetrators of the orange revolutions worldwide have gained their invaluable’ experience globally and then they somehow “returned” home and did the same to their own homeland.

Ever heard of that apparently popular sarcasm — filled joke: “Why aren’t there orange revolutions in the USA? The answer is: ‘Because there is no U.S. Ambassador in the USA’.”

All these coloured revolutions masterminds “returned” home now. They are now applying the same orange revolution strategies and tactics against their own country. They are bound to resort to anything to remain in power, which is the will for power par excellence unheard of in the States before.

It is debatable whether they are willing to abandon their positions of power without an armed conflict of huge proportions in the USA. They used to be called the Establishment but now they are normally referred to as the estranged or even evil elites.

The fraudulent U.S. elections 2019 are another can of worms, which possibly deserves another lengthy article.

Given the serious recession fast approaching, one of the dangers is whenever the Establishment had caused a cavernous economic crisis, one of the only ways to resolve it is a (great) war.

They seem to be doing everything in their power to go into a frontal war against Russia and increasingly against China. In a political platter full of U.S. collusions and coloured revolutions, the damage done both in finances and casualties is beyond measure. Will the critical mass in the USA start to shape up so as to put an end to this?

Allow me to wrap up this article with the quote by Dwight Eisenhower, the same as I did in its complementary article: “On January 17, 1961, Dwight D. Eisenhower ends his presidential term by warning the nation about the increasing power of the military-industrial complex.”

I am not entirely convinced this will seriously be taken heed to in the U.S. or the Collective West either. The rest of the world which accounts for 85% of the whole planet have got “enlightened” over decades — long terror reigns and regimes coming from the U.S. in that they are now closing their own ranks accordingly.

And rightly so.



By Tatiana Obrenovic

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