America’s Doomsday: High-Tech Killing Machines Will Incur the Wrath of Heaven

The point is to urge Americans to adhere to their basic human conscience; otherwise, without this last shred of humanity, the country will become a public enemy to all of humanity.

If everything else in the past can be forgiven, then the day the U.S. creates killer robots will be the day they will suffer the wrath of God.




A recent bit of news has shocked the world. According to reports by Japan’s Kyodo News, the United States is working on replacing soldiers with automatic “lethal robots,” signifying that a transformative era in warfare may be about to begin.

And there’s more. Nobel Prize winner Jody Williams has claimed that humanity has now created “killer robots” that will be widely used within 20 years. This type of robot can make its own decisions to use deadly force, including when and whom to kill. Simply put, killer robots decide whom to kill all on their own.

United Nations investigator Christof Heyns reports that the U.S. and various other countries have not held relevant debates on ethical and legal issues, and yet are already researching and developing autonomous killer robots to varying degrees. In the past, humans have controlled killer robots remotely.

Recent developments would hand over control to computer software and sensors. If these developments continue, they will lead to the creation of a fully automated robot able to identify, judge and kill enemies that will be rapidly produced in the United States. The end result? An invincible force like the ones portrayed in Hollywood blockbusters — able to kill enemies like flies and destroy all cold-blooded demons — will become a reality.

In truth, these types of robots are still in the development stages in the U.S., but drones used for assassinations (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs) have long been in use by the U.S. and Israel on the battlefield. The only difference is drones are controlled remotely by human beings and are not automatic. Americans are very proud of their “predator” unmanned airplanes, and deployed them years ago during the war in Afghanistan.Piscines gonflables

U.S. President Obama even admitted that drones shot down four U.S. citizens in Afghanistan and Iraq. One of these people was Anwar al-Awlaki, a so-called radical Muslim cleric who was deliberately assassinated. According to U.S. reports, al-Awlaki was born in the state of New Mexico, was an American citizen and was a university-educated scholar.

At the current stage, employing drones to kill enemies is still very different from using these killer robots to do so. There is the issue of moral judgment and human conscience. Obviously, killer robots lack both. Similar to previous weapons of mass destruction (atomic bombs and chemical weapons), the U.S. military keeps them in their possession until they get voted out.

This could be the situation with drones: Its operators may intend to only kill members of al-Qaida, but just as occurred with nuclear bombs and chemical weapons, they will instantly transform into “killer robots,” unable to discriminate between members of the military or civilians, or avoid harming the elderly, the disabled, women and children.

The tragic nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians. There was also the use of the defoliant Agent Orange in Vietnam in the 1960s, which left 14 percent of Vietnamese land covered in carcinogenic residue, brought disaster to over four million residents and led to over a million Vietnamese children being born with congenital disabilities.

Despite all this, the majority of the people in the world still believe that Americans have a conscience. In 1991, the United Nations Security Council resolution 687 classified nuclear, biological and chemical weapons as weapons of mass destruction for the first time, thereby including them in three related international treaties: the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

The United States has signed all of these treaties. The United Nations ruling points out the growing impracticality of weapons of mass destruction, since any country attacked with such a weapon will retaliate with similar force. All of human civilization could be wiped out. The point is to urge Americans to adhere to their basic human conscience; otherwise, without this last shred of humanity, the country will become a public enemy to all of humanity.

Recall that in the history of the United States, World War II led to its development into a global power. It greatly benefited from its large-scale production of murderous weapons, arms trafficking and the financing of warring parties. From this standpoint, the rise of the U.S. was in no way honorable.

Following WWII, its massacre of humanity expanded even further; holding power with their U.S. dollar, the United States again committed a series of crimes against humanity.

The atomic bomb was an American invention. Once created, the U.S. had no reservations to start using it to kill people. Up until this point, in fact, they have been the only ones.

Although the BWC had been initiated by the United States and several other countries in 1971, the U.S. went back on its word by openly refusing to sign a drafted protocol on implementing the convention in 2001. This action shocked and appalled the long-term European allies of the nation. In what way, then, is the United States a just and responsible country?

If American soldiers, in their attack on Iraq in 2003, were carrying the banner to “stop weapons of mass destruction” while entering a country without the aforementioned weapons and then carrying out extensive killings, what Kyodo News has disclosed on the research and development of killer robots in the U.S. is really the Americans’ ruse of high-tech development to cover up plans to wipe out all of humanity. These comments on the nation are not unjustified; the past record of the U.S. and its resolution to maintain the lead in global weaponry explains it all.

Americans believe the will of Jesus Christ guides the nation. Every U.S. president has placed his hand on the Bible instead of the Constitution while being sworn in.

Also, written on the U.S. dollar bill is the sentence “In God We Trust.” These are examples of deliberately contrived propaganda meant to mislead the global public, full of double meanings. Jesus Christ does not want the United States of America to unscrupulously develop and manufacture various weapons of mass destruction and then use them.

If everything else in the past can be forgiven, then the day the U.S. creates killer robots will be the day they will suffer the wrath of God.


By Wang Mingzhou, Takungpao, China


Translated By Jessica Whale

Edited by Eva Langman




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中评:美国末日 高科技杀人机器必受天谴




  中评社香港6月30日电(评论员 王名舟)最近一则消息惊骇世界。据日本共同社报道,由于美国等国正在研发能代替士兵自动杀伤对手的“杀人机器人”,战争形态大变的时代可能即将到来。



事实是,“杀人机器人”正在美国孕育,而专职杀人(也叫执行定点清除任务)的无人飞机则早就被美国和以色列实用于战场了。其二者的区别仅仅是自动找寻对象和由人遥控操纵而已。美国人很自豪能生产一种叫做“捕食者”的无人飞机,数年前已部署在阿富汗战场。美国总统奥巴马甚至承认,有4名美国公民在阿富汗和伊拉克被无人机击毙,其中一名叫安瓦尔.奥拉基(Anwar al-Awlaki)的人,就是被故意除掉的所谓激进的穆斯林神职人员。美国记者报道,奥拉基生于新墨西哥州,美国公民,是在美国受过多年大学及研究所教育的美式知识分子。





可是美国相信自己以耶稣基督旨意治理国家。每一届美国总统都手抚《圣经》,而不是《宪法》,进行宣誓。美元钞票上也赫然写着“我们信任上帝(In God We Trust)”。这些都成了刻意的做作与欺骗世人的宣传行为,口是心非的东西。耶稣基督决没有要美国大肆研发与制造各种大规模杀伤性武器并应用之。


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