“American-Style Human Rights” Have Become an Amulet for the Mafia

America has more than 7,000 pages of special human rights reports, slandering every other country besides America. This includes Russia, China, Thailand and many other countries. These reports do not look at America’s own terrible human rights situation, but instead arrogantly criticize other countries whose people do not have such rights as: safety, freedom, free elections, fair trials, equality, wealth and rights for minorities. These human rights are basic rights that every citizen should be able to enjoy. According to the American definition, human rights grant people freedom of speech, religion, freedom from hunger and fear and the right to bear arms. However, although it appears to be fair and open, “American-style human rights” do not actually bring true freedom to the American people, but instead have become the amulet for each and every activity engaged in by the mafia.

America’s “every American has the right to bear arms” does not ensure the safety of the American people, but instead increases Americans’ endless fears. This report caused Russia and China to be unsatisfied; even Washington’s allies are unclear about this report. It is proven that America’s human rights situation is the worst in the world. Aside from social unrest, at all times, American citizens suffer baffling external surveillance and there is always the possibility that they could be shot for no reason. The American police department causes its own people to feel alarmed because the police are powerless to stop shootings. Because “American-style human rights” allow mafia organizations to be like a fish in water, the police are unable to fulfill their mission of ensuring the safety of their own people.

For criminals buying guns is as easy as buying food

It is difficult to formally apply for a gun license in America. One needs to fill out an application at a police department, hand over related documents and supply at least three American citizen references. In addition, they need to pass a fingerprint check, have an interview with a police officer, pass an FBI review, formally prove that they have no previous criminal record and prove that they will not become a threat to society before they can obtain a gun license. The police review is very rigorous, thus up to a year may pass from the time a person applies to the time he/she gets his/her license. The police review includes investigating whether or not you have ever fought with your wife, if you are alcoholic and whether or not you are kind to others. After obtaining the gun license, you have to buy a gun within one month; after purchasing the gun you must go to the police department to register the gun to fully complete the procedure.

Formally applying for a gun license is very cumbersome, so there are quite a few people, especially those who have difficulty obtaining a gun license, who will use other “speedy” methods to obtain a gun. According to a Chinese foreign exchange student who attended an American gun show, to attend the gun show one would only need to pay the $10 entrance fee. The average gun show has over 1,000 stands displaying guns from all over the world, with prices ranging from $100 to $1,000. To purchase a gun, one only needs to have a driver’s license; it is as easy as buying food from a farmers’ market. Because of this, members of the mafia can easily purchase a gun. Besides gun shows, criminals can also use the Internet to easily buy a variety of guns.

Citizens’ lives are not protected

The U.S. has 25,000 mafia groups, with more than 750,000 members. Regardless of whether it is the number of gangs or the number of members, it is still the highest in the world. Recently, these two numbers have shown continual growth. 25,000 mafia groups rampantly engage in drug sales, illegal financial acts and activities that endanger civilian lives. The mafia has made criminal life into a business. They use “modern” methods, develop strict discipline and implement a careful division of labor. Most mafias have established secure connections within the National Security Agency and police departments; accuracy of crimes is very high and the hazard is very great. The mafia has connections in the government, which causes police crackdowns to be harder. The mafia has already become American society’s cancer and a major headache for police departments.

The American mafia’s communication, military operations and sophisticated equipment are the best in the world. It is even better than the equipment provided to the police. Gang members are often equipped with night vision goggles, and carry German made silent hand guns, Japanese-made anesthetic spray and daggers with poison springs. A portion of the mafia even uses the most modern large scale destruction weapons such as multi-barrel rocket launchers and sidewinder missiles. Members of the American mafia have already infiltrated many states’ governments, and even many industries closely related to the people’s lives. This causes city dwellers to be in a constant state of anxiety. The CIA has independently implemented a anti-mafia investigation; as a result the CIA uncovered 37 mafia members in Chicago’s government. “American-style human rights” have provided the mafia with plenty of guns, causing a lack of safety for civilians.


Originally from Wenweipo, Hong Kong

Translated By Sharon Chiao

21 April 2011

Edited by Gillian Palmer

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