America: Get Out of Iraq Before It’s Too Late (Kitabat, Iraq)

By Ashour Al-Somary:

The history of the United States is as black as coal. Neither the world nor particularly the Japanese will ever forget the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Neither the world nor particularly the Vietnamese will ever forget the horrific massacres and the scorched earth policy in that noble country. Neither the world nor the Iraqis will ever forget the repugnant crimes America has committed and continues to commit that are disgraceful on a humanitarian level and were carried out under the most evil policy the world has ever known. Not even the children of Iraq would be deceived by the tricks of American policy, as it has become clear to those both near and far that the new Middle East project for which the Americans have been campaigning is nothing more than an American Middle East that will see no stability. The only things prevalent in it will be rivalry, difference, the destruction of its countries’ economies, the shedding of the blood of its peoples and the shattering of its social value.

The model Iraq, which many Iraqis have been taken in by, is nothing but a fragmented, split, destroyed and backwards Iraq with a group of agents and traitors in charge of running it — traitors who have defaced Iraqi life in every conceivable way. The model Iraq that the United States wants is one governed and run by a group of moving Zionist puppets who prostrate themselves toward America and worship her just as the puppets who govern the Arab Gulf countries and other Arab countries do. The model Iraq is an occupied Iraq that has lost both its independence and sovereignty, is manipulated by organized crime gangs and has ceaselessly wasted the blood of its people. Its lands are barren and dry, and its water is scarce. Its people are deprived of the most basic natural rights of life, and the fear of an unknown destiny pursues them wherever they go. Its people have left their homeland heading to the four corners of the earth in search of the freedom they have lost, in search of the safety and security they have been deprived of as a result of the oppressive policies of the puppet agents that the American intelligence circles and Mossad brought with them. The Iraqis are displaced even within their own homeland, fleeing from a different penitential organization that delights in the blood of innocents.

The al-Qaida organization was built at the despicable right hand of America in Afghanistan. America: Who but you allowed al-Qaida to enter Iraq? Who but you suppressed the souls of the innocents in Iraq, America? Who but you played on the string of sectarianism, America? Iraq would not know Sunni, Shia, Muslim, Christian, Arab, Kurd, etc. … Iraq would not know … contested areas if it wasn’t for the vilest constitution the world has ever known and Bremer putting his filthy hands into the mix so that the Iraqis are no longer aware of the entrance to their lives nor of the exit from them. America, you and the devil are two sides of one coin. America, all Iraqis — except your industries and agents and those who benefit from your being in Iraq — spit in your grim, black face. All Iraqis, except those you tempted with your devilish methods to enter Iraq as agents of your intelligence agency, are filled with spite, hatred and anger at your presence, and they in no way want you to stay in Iraq. They will deal with you in a new way that will require from Iraq and the Iraqis a high level of intention, a raised head and inviolable dignity; you will bow down to Iraq and to the people, and they will only bow to the victorious one. America, our oil is our own; our resources are our own. Leave our country, America! Because we are determined with the help of Allah to cleanse our pure land of your filthy impurity and for Iraq to return to being a beacon in the region, a repository of peace in the world and a warm embrace for all honorable Iraqis.

As for the agent puppets who were content to fall into the arms of the Americans and Mossad, they have entered the greatest form of treachery through the widest of its doors, and Iraq and the Iraqis will reject them in this life, and hell fire awaits them through the widest of its doors in the next life. Just like those before them, they will reap nothing but curses wherever they go.

Kitabat, Iraq


Translated By Thomas Coleman

12 June 2011

Edited by Heidi Kaufmann
Iraq – Kitabat – Original Article (Arabic)

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