Alternative Media Versus A Zombified Mainstream


The annoying droning one hears and feels these days, it’s a form of next generation advertising. Or if you prefer, propaganda to sell us the “party line” on everything from healthcare to foreign policy. Of course you know this already, but I want to tell you about a new paradigm coming.

For those of you who believe Barack Obama is the liberal savior of humankind, there’s a wonderful video elsewhere on UPRISER entitled; “Greetings. We are from the future. Everything is going to be alright.” I suggest you watch this if dissenting views make you angry.

Likewise, if you believe Russia’s president Vladimir Putin is really as evil as “all that,” then perhaps some more NeoCon Kool Aid will fortify your beliefs. This article, it will definitely not be for you. As for all you other readers, I expect hearing mainstream media will soon reboot may make your day brighter. So here goes.

I’ve been doing the digital media “thing” for some time now. I started this journey as a tech guru slash beta tester for stuff you are fairly familiar with now.

Writing for tech blogs like Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, SitePoint, and a few dozen others back when Web 2.0 was young, the experiences opened some doors for me. Then I moved on into advising and public relations, content, design, the business of the digital world.

You will identify, I know, with how the big spider web that is the Internet of things takes us all round about to where we live. And where we all commune, is on dining at a feast of information.

Unfortunately our hunger and thirst for ideas, news, and facts became a target for some very controlling forces. Corporations and the so-called elites were forced, by our newfangled communicative grid, to buy mainstream media.

Make no mistake, they did not believe at first nor want to engage in non-traditional mediums, but the bean counters and actuaries they employ for risk assessments gave the green light. Enter traditional media and the takeover bid against citizen journalism.

About now half of you are rolling your eyes in foreknowledge of all this, and the other half are shaking off the thought; “No! Not another conspiracy theory!” Before you run off half cocked though, consider the innovations and outreaches mainstream media is funding.

If you look at who is partnering cutting edge media tech like that Matter. helps fund and start, funds and resources are flowing to gain a potentially unbreakable foothold on information. Matter announce just recently partnering with the Associated Press, The McClatchy Company, A.H. Belo Corporation, and Community Newspaper Holdings. So even alternative media is clearly no alternative at all if corporate lobbying is undesirable.

I apologize, but most people know inherently, the conspiracy has replaced reality already.

To scroll past much of my own experience, the events of the Summer of 2013 put an absolute halt to conventional media outreach for our PR efforts, transfigured strategy and analysis, disrupted tourism and hospitality reporting even, as the mainstream clearly lost it’s collective mind…. When Vladimir Putin gave sanctuary to Edward Snowden, then mediated a halt to a Syria invasion by America with his New York Times peace proposal, all hell broke loose in world press.

The exact moment and modus of this news media transfiguration can be argued, but the constant stream of media fighting ritual cannot. Our relatively peaceful and congruent world is a stew pot of misinformation, overt and covert media Machiavellianism, with the masses stunned into a kind of zombie state of confusion.

I know all of you recognize this, or you would not be reading UPRISER right now. Excuse me for seeming a Russophile here, but the case is clear, vehement, and deadly dangerous for us all.

If I may swipe down your mental touch screen past a couple thousand hours of research, writing, and analysis of my own, the good news is we’ve reached a “tipping point.” Major media from the BBC to Reuters, the Washington Post, and many others parroting the same State Department press releases have a huge problem right now.

People are sick to death of the “party line” – human beings are simply not so stupid as corporate tycoons must believe. We’re seeing a polarization take place where the corporate media tries to sling mud on new-media proponents like celebrity activist turned people advocate Russell Brand, and others.

Fox News to the BBC Brand and his collaborators have become targets just like Putin and Russia, like anybody standing in the way of the dissenting view.

Make no mistake here, freedom of information is being assaulted. I leave it to you to discern for yourselves the reasons why, I just want to galvanize the reality, and to present some interesting alternatives.

To my purpose here, via my own path to discover the opposing view, I became first an analyst for Russia Today and other media outside the western sphere. I won’t get into that experience here, there’s no time or space.

However, all the coverage in the east of Ukraine I’ve been involved with, helping combat journalists like Graham Phillips get unseen or unheard messages across to people in the west, this revealed tens of thousands of people lost, covered up, stifled by the blanket of western media propaganda.

Suffice it to say hardly anyone in Britain or America not tuned into alternative media has not an inkling of how close we actually are to World War III. Enter my involvement with startup media, and Russia Insider.

Charles Bausman is an American entrepreneur who has been doing business in Russia for some time. He’s also an investor, a media executive, and extremely well versed in what really goes on inside Mother Russia.

He launched Russia Insider back in September from his kitchen table in Moscow with the intent of “calling out” the mainstream propagandists. I don’t want to bore you or pitch RI to you excessively, but the grass roots effort is extraordinary for a number of reasons.

Not the least of these reasons is the fact at least 10 people every day instant message or email us to find out how they can help.

A crowdfunding effort to raise $20,000 at Kickstarter reached the goal in 5 days instead of weeks too, further illustrating just how virulent readers are for a real story, real news, and a reboot of what’s become mostly BS online.

In 6 months, with no corporate or outside funding whatever, volunteers have elevated this new alternative media voice to 1.2 million unique readers each month.

Already media trolls and hack PR people at Forbes and other mainstream portals have leaped on Charles in personal attacks, hitting way below the belt just like they do Brand. But for those steeped in experience in the social trenches like I am, the “trend” away from sold out media is blatantly powerful.

Now is “exactly” the time for the people to force the Rupert Murdochs of the landscape to rethink their media viability. This is what we are dedicated to.

Now that I’ve plugged my own interests, I know you’ll agree alternative and truthful media is in all our best interests. I’m here to further that idea, and to help any of you who’s mission is like mine (naive as it may be) to change the world for the better.

War, the Orwellian psychosis that permeates those Washington think tanks, the geometric progress of advertising to bend us all, these threats chain us to perpetual loss.

Sorry to take the bloody pulpit here, but in the 21st century we are sliding backward into an abyss where freedom is not even whispered. I know some of you can see this, and I just beg you to support whoever you feel helps us avert the slide.

Thanks for your time. Let’s join forces for the greater good. Together we are infinitely powerful.

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