Alcatel announces contract with China Telecom

Telecommunications group Alcatel-Lucent said on Monday that it has been selected by China Telecom to supply multimedia services to 120 million Chinese consumers in six provinces.

China Telecom has selected Alcatel-Lucent “to deliver multimedia services to subscribers in Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Xinjiang and Sichuan provinces,” Alcatel said.

“By converging different types of media, voice, video and other data services — over a common IP (Internet protocol) platform, China Telecom will be able to bring a growing range of interesting and useful services.” the statement said.

The group’s subsidiary Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell won the contract, after successful pilot programmes in Shanghai and Shandong.

China Telecom is looking to upgrade its older PSTN (Public Switching Telephony Network) technology to an all IP system.

“This project with Alcatel-Lucent … is a critical step in our transformation to a much more flexible, cost effective all-IP network,” Xu Sui, deputy general manager at China Telecom, said.


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