Afghan resistance statement Statement of the Council of the Leadership, Islamic Emirate , Regarding the Kandahar Jailbreak

By Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan:

 April 26, 2011

Last night (25.4.2011), the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate managed to get 541 Mujahideen inmates in Kandahar City Jail freed thanks to the blessing and help of the Almighty Allah (SwT) and as a result of successful tactical operations. We congratulate the Mujahid people of Afghanistan, the Mujahideen of the current Jihad, the families of the prisoners and, in short, all the Islamic Ummah over this great victory.

It is worth mentioning to say that the enemy had greatly focused on the security of the jail following two successful operations against the Kandahar jail. They had erected checkpoints around the premises of the prison, being manned both by foreign and internal hireling soldiers. Also, had dug ditches; built solid cement walls; installed security cameras and other instruments of surveillance. But notwithstanding that, the Mujahideen of the path of the Truth, once again proved their tactical ascendancy over the great military colonialist power of the world and its internal surrogates that have been trained and brought up in the West. Thus, the Mujahideen disproved the futile claims of general Petraeus — the most lauded and praised general of America– who was claiming that they had wiped the strength of Taliban in Kandahar and had had tangible military gains. Truly speaking, falsehood may be accompanied by fanfare and display but is ever devoid of any essence.

The jailbreak of Kandahar prison showed that America and her allies only live on the back of stints and futile propaganda drive. However, baseless hypes bring in humiliating consequences. The beloved countrymen are witness to the fact that the initiatives and enterprise have constantly remained in the hands of Mujahideen all over the country. In addition to this, the recent successful operations by Mujahideen in other provinces have exposed the deceiving demeanor of David Petraeous– the top general of American forces– to the American and the world抯 public, that they have had spectacular military gains in Afghanistan. It is grotesque that one day before the breaking of the Kandahar jail, a Pentagon top brass said that they would drive Taliban out of Afghanistan in 2011 and would keep them at bay all over the country. We only would like to tell these well-known liars of Pentagon that do your failed operations in Marjah and Kandahar and the retreats of the American troops from the Korangal and Pech valleys mean obliteration of Taliban or they are indications of your defeat? Whose success is the infiltration of Mujahideen into the ministry of defense of the Stooge Administration right to the very office of the defense minister? Whose triumph is the incidences of killings at the hands of those policemen who are on your payroll?

Ironically, you have now only turned to lies and bombardment of miserable Afghan civilians; destruction of plantations and orchards and filling of prisons with oppressed Afghans. Where are your those standards of human rights and where is your democracy?

The strength and morale of Mujahideen have been boosting and the Afghan masses are standing behind them. The enemy will surely face more military and political defeats. The global invaders and their internal hirelings should put an end to their politics of obstinacy and leave the country of the Afghans to the Afghans themselves. Similarly, the public of the West whose government are participants in the occupation of Afghanistan, should simultaneously re-assess the current developments in Afghanistan; re-evaluate the military situation in the country and prevent their governments from prolonging this worthless and losing war.

In short, the recent operations in Kandhar were successful like all other operations in Kandahar city. May Allah, the Almighty (SwT) bestow blessing and reward on those Mujahideen who worked hard in the past few months to bring to success this plan. May Allah, the Almighty, ensure the realization of a real Islamic system in the country by conferring (on us) self-same favors.

Leadership Council

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Author : Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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