Afghan drug control police officers to be trained in China

A Drug Control Law Enforcement Workshop for Afghanistan Senior Narcotics Control Police Officers is to be launched in China on Wednesday, an official with China’s Embassy said.

Afghan drug control police officers to be trained in China

Talking to Chinese news agency, Qin Hua, Police Liaison Officer, said the workshop organized by the Ministry of Public Security of China aims to promote friendship and further cooperation between China’s police and Afghanistan law enforcement agencies.

This workshop attended by 20 Afghan law enforcement officers on drug control will start from 6-21, July in Xinjiang Police Officers’ Academy in China, focusing on drug control cooperation, drug preventive education, methods of drug search operation, etc.

“The workshop will be held to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in combating drug crimes.

The information get from China led to great achievements in capturing drug traffickers during the past several years and by attending this workshop, the Afghan counter narcotics police will get more experience in fighting drugs and precursor chemicals from China, Yaqoobi said.

Although Afghanistan, according to the report, reduced the production of poppy by 48 percent to 3,600 tons in 2010, the country remained the major supplier of the raw material used in manufacturing heroin in the world.

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