A Simple and Clear Picture on Ukraine: At Halftime in the West vs. Russia Game, Russia Has



Russia has:

Proved that the EU and Russia are inextricably linked;

Regained its only warm-water port;

Regained Crimea (Even Ukraine’s no longer asking for its return);

Added two-thirds of the Ukraine navy, with officers and crews, to its Black Sea fleet;

Doubled its rights to Black Sea oil thanks to Crimea’s long coastline;

Revived industries idled by imports, thus raising employment and self-sufficiency;

Rewarded nations refusing to sanction Russia and drawn them closer;

Lifted Putin’s approval from 65% to 85%. and united Russian opinion against the West;

Killed 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers: a dreadful warning to Russia’s enemies;

Liberated the Donbass (industrial) states, with most of Ukraine’s skilled industry;

Shown NATO to be a ruthless imperialist; AND

Drawn China MUCH closer in mutual defense and support.


Mr. Godfree Roberts (godfree@gmail.com) is one of the actively-working volunteer editors and frequent contributors for The 4th Media.

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