A New Volkswagen Engine Plant in Russia: While Japan Fell into US Line, Germany …

… Bets on Russia!

Remember when the Japanese government started supporting Okinawans’ push to close down the Futenma Marine base there?

The USA hit Japan where it hurt:

Toyota to Pay $1.1 Billion to Settle Runaway Car Claims – WSJ


Dec 27, 2012 – Toyota estimated in 2010 that the costs of recalls and lost sales … ill-fitting floor mats and sticky accelerator pedals—were causing Toyota drivers to … safe and that it had recovered enough from the scandal to settle the case …

The Japanese government quickly fell into line, even though Toyota was blameless.

More recently, Germany supported the Minsk Accords (which the USA opposed) and agreed to construct the Nordstream Two pipeline and further integrate Russia and Europe’s energy future (which the USA violently opposes).

The a German car company decided to open a new engine plant in Russia.

Volkswagen bets on long-term Russian growth with new engine plant (Reuters-Sep 4, 2558 BE)

… AG started production at a newly built engine plant in Russia on Friday, … to Volkswagen’s vehicle plant in Russia’s car-manufacturing centre …

(which the USA violently opposed) and the rest, as they say, is history (the VW ‘defeat’ software has been known since 2013):

Yahoo News: VW facing ‘tsunami’ of legal trouble in emissions scandal


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