A Critique on a New York Times’ Article: “U.S. Considers Faster Pullout in Afghanistan”


U.S. Considers Faster Pullout in Afghanistan – NYTimes.com

For info, the reason Afghanistan was targeted for war years before 9-11 is that UNOCAL wants to run a pipeline to the Caspian Sea to avoid Iran, and needs to run it through Afghanistan.

But the nation is tribal, with areas controlled by different so-called “warlords” who set their own laws for each region, and that makes the nation unstable for something so expensive and vulnerable as a pipeline.

The War on Terror was never about terror; it was about eliminating, eradicating in fact, all tribal leaders and organisations except for Karzai, who had been a CIA and Unocal assest for many years prior.

The drone strikes hit a populated town or tent city where these leaders live. Then, the drones circle overhead for days, watching for the funerals – at which that man’s friends and family and followers will be.

The drone then bombs the funeral, and continues on that program.

Eventually, all of the other tribes will be destroyed and Afghanistan will be safe for Unocal.

The US is not withdrawing from Afghanistan.

It will close several hundred small temporary bases, but there are another about 15 that are very large and were always meant to be permanent – and those bases are located precisely along the proposed pipeline route.

The entire war, and Obama’s drone strikes, have always been about oil.

Nothing to do with 9-11, and nothing to do with terrorists.

And it was all planned years before.

9-11 was part of the plan, I’m convinced of it.

That is the only way everything makes sense.



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