A Country of Nihilist Oligarchs

You live in a society of malcontents ruled by a system of authoritarians. The conflict between unrealistic expectations and the raw force used to compel compliance is growing more intense. Only the walking dead are happy. Any thinking and intelligent person knows that the political hierarchy has lost its legitimacy.

The result of the Curse of Multiculturalism has created a mentality malaise that chewed up our institutions, denigrated our social values and produced a progressive asylum of sick and disturbed free loaders. All the while the entrenched political class sucks the life blood from the average citizen, while lining their own pockets with public funds.

If nothing else, this presidential election cycle proves beyond any doubt, that there is little consensus in the ranks of registered voters. Divide in order to conquer has worked again. Blame the schools, the media and that plain old pattern of peer pressure; all operate to obliterate individual critical thinking and social responsibility.

People have adopted a psychotic perception as a substitute for objective reality. Ignorance of the world and how it operates around the global is the present hallmark of the American mob rule culture. The scary experience of rubbing shoulders with the zombie clones, who believe that government is the only religion they need to follow, is more ominous than the torture of watching another rigged election unfold.

Such ingredients are music to the ears of the oligarchy that play off one group against another. The country no longer has a national identity. The essential question that no one in the establishment will address much less resolve is why should the United States remain intact as a nation state?

It should not, but as any worldly observer knows, no state voluntarily breaks up their criminal monopoly for ruling over their confused subjects. The Totalitarian Collectivism that is the proper description to view the existing social order is both despotic and parasitic. Mind control is the primary product that is merchandised with all the skill and talent of Madison Avenue pavlovian dogs.

Addiction to the assault on humanity, which is the trademark of the mass media, begs for the only intelligent response under the sun. Totally and completely exclude the propaganda machine from your viewing habits and lives. The poison that perpetuates the establishment creed of state supremacy is written and performed by government agents in the employ of the Zionist owned indoctrination, doublespeak and android didactic “reality shows”, must be shunned and avoided at all cost.

The younger generation of talking heads and bleached blonds has about as much political acumen, moral credibility and worldly judgment as a serial liar with delusional aspiration, navigating a stripper dancing pole. Brain dead is far too generous to describe the dribble that is routine on CNN, the Clinton News Media. Add the NWO Sadhus, Fareed Zakaria preaching his Ivy League crap, and you get the worst of third world untouchables.

The world according to MSNBC is so sick that Mr. Rachel Maddow is ripe for a Caitlyn Jenner reverse procedure to become her natural persona; Bruce. Even the nut job Ed Schultz migrated to RT. How sad that Russia Today has regressed into a Soviet era Pravda doing the heavy lifting for the Politburo.

As for the granddaddy of the “fair and balance” spin zone, FAUX News is simply unwatchable. The quintessential mouth piece for the establishment has moved so far to the left that even Megyn Kelly’s lusty porno promotions have been trading in for a Butch style of reporting. Farwell to the bimbos, welcome in the transgender format.

Dismiss the style elements if you will, but take very seriously the script directions that make these doublespeak outlets the high priests and priestess of deception and prevarication.

Your mental health is affronted with every broadcast and your soul is being ushered into a twilight zone of absurdity and self immolation. The cry for a “safe zone” is so repulsive when the “so called” victims are demanding that a global gulag becomes the operating condition.

Once upon a time the mother’s womb was a safe space, but because of the immoral culture of “choice” and a demented mindset that murder is acceptable because it’s a “woman’s own body” has created perverted baby killers. The Totalitarian Collectivist death cult axiom is that abortion must be legal.

Oh that bad man Trump for saying the unspeakable. The Nihilists are offended and The Donald must be relegated to the penal colony of Mar-a-Lago. What next, condemning chalk written code words on sidewalks that bummer out the scholarly challenged college spongers who prefer that the First Amendment is banned from the national curriculum.

The boys and gals that make up the Oligarch club are just elated with the turmoil. Avoid, mask and divert from the real issues and keep the peasants grubbing the underbrush for fool’s gold. Why is it so difficult for honest and earnest people to see and admit that this society needs to focus on the true enemy?

Business as usual is over when a society is being broken apart to maintain the illusion that the power brokers are the only factions that should rule the system. The police state is being applied in increments for decades. Soon the surrender rush to the State for personal security from their false flag operations will be all over the news.

Depend on the MSM to be the public relations agents for a government of elites. Adhocracy investigative journalism only exists on the internet. Print and television is strictly a gatekeeper for censorship and punishment of whistleblowers. The rare publications that demonstrate independence and brave the retaliation from the moneychangers deserve support.

However, the general public avoids educating themselves and rather succumbs to the subliminal programming because they lack self-respect or fear any challenge to the cozy narrative that keeps them dumb.

Was Ted Cruz foolish to insult New Yorkers for their “NY Values”? Well, coming from an Ivy League educated attorney, who uses slick lawyer practices and trickery as a profession, it is difficult to see him as sincere. The point is to speak frankly and direct. Obviously, the American culture does not reward such an approach.

Blunt talk is queasy for the sheltered, timid and politically correct. Yet, the big wig cartel that runs the economy, lobby the political class and administer this empire of subversion just goes on with their plan to subjugate the masses.

People are played as suckers and deserve what they get because they are unable to identify the causes or even the enemy. A free market economy has been destroyed by design. A dependent government mindset of the “Great Society” has made Americans into bloodsuckers on the public dole.

BREAKING ALL THE RULES has argued since the turn of the millennium that the Republic is dead. With each passing year the remnants of the separations of power erode to the current point where the President acts as if he was king. And the hordes of collectivists cheer with each new and destructive executive order.

Nonetheless, the fundamental reason for the decent into tyranny does not rest with politicians, courts or technocrat administrators. It originates within the globalist clique that seeks to destroy all national sovereignty. Using a submissive and stupefied citizenry, the aristocrats of the New World Order are rolling along and consolidating their planetary play pen.

Totalitarian Collectivism has become the new normal. Elites have always been the norm. Power has never been more centralized and unified in the objective of running the globe from a top down oligarchy. Notwithstanding, the means to disseminate the history and truth about this age old quest to rule over the common man is available with the invention of the internet.

How long this vehicle of distributing facts and persuasion will continue to exist is unknown. The censorship of political activism is coming. Inhabitants of this planet are expendable to the autocrats. As long as the multitude remains docile, the scheme to enslave all nations will succeed.

Independent Americans and the distinctive heritage of rugged individualism have been demonized for decades. In spite of this attack on achievement and success, the true salt of the earth can immerge with their dignity and honor.

The key to oligarchy resistance is to speak out loudly and often. Engage the evil empire with civil disobedience and righteous courage. If no one comes to the battle, victory will not be won. Will you carry this message to your own community or are your content to let someone else take the incoming?

Excuses do not cut it. Action and confrontation is the order of the day. During this election cycle, the “Dishonest Media” as Trump describes the news disinformation cabal, needs to be challenged at every opportunity. Going to rallies and creating the atmosphere of disgust towards the newspeak televangelists for the authoritarian totalitarians is possible and necessary.

If not now, when will it be the time to stand up? A presidential selection cycle offers added attention to the normal suppressed political agenda. Patriots must earn their inherent autonomy. Make your voice heard.



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