A comment on “Osama Bin Laden interview on 9/11 with Pakistani newspaper Ummat (Published on Sep. 28, 2001)”

By Fazal Rahman:

The interview with Osama Bin Laden (OBL) was published by the Pakistani newspaper Ummat on September 28, 2001, seventeen days after the 9/11 events. 

This is self-evidently extremely relevant in the current climate of great confusion, in the aftermath of US military attack on a compound in Abottabad, Pakistan, where he is claimed to have lived and been killed.  

In this, as well as other real and verifiable interviews, OBL clearly and unambiguously denied any involvement with 9/11. 

In my recent paper, this author cited many references in which competent and knowledgeable researchers and writers documented and analyzed all the available information in this regard and concluded that there was no evidence of his involvement with 9/11 and whatever ”evidence” the US government was propagating was manufactured and fake.

The title of that article is “Osama Bin Laden: unasked and unanswered questions about the claims of his killing by the US military.” (See: http://www.4thmedia.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=8438&action=edit)

Here, the author wishes to add the following comments to that paper, which was written on May 3, 2011, shortly after the [May 1st] operation:

1.  There has been widespread and unsubstantiated news that some alleged wives and children of OBL were captured at the compound in Abottabad, Pakistan, which was attacked by the US Navy SEALs, and that they are now in the custody of the notorious Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI), which has been acting as little more than a branch of CIA for the past thirty years, since the First Afghan War. 

Self-evidently, along with OBL himself, they would have been some of the most important sources of evidence and information on OBL, Al-Qaeda, and Taliban, among other matters, related to their activities and locations. 

Instead of arresting OBL, SEALs claim to have killed him and to have dumped his body into the sea.  Similarly, they claim to have left his alleged wives and children at the compound, instead of bringing them to the US. 

In view of their great importance for information and evidence, it is an insult to even the minimal common sense and intelligence to expect people to believe that. 

If there are indeed such women and children, they could easily have been planted by the SEALs during their operation or they could have been supplied to the ISI even before the operation. 

Such agents of CIA and ISI would have nothing to lose or fear- as they will remain safely in their hands-and a lot to gain in the form of huge rewards for their invaluable services. 

2.  Regarding the discovery of large amounts of documents, tapes, and other important information at the compound-amounting to a “small college library”-this may never have left the shores of US or could have been planted at the compound during the operation and then brought back to the US.

3.  Overwhelming majority of the residents of the area around the compound deny the possibility of OBL ever having lived there.  Many have stated passionately that it is absurd and false. 

Some have even identified a person in one of the videos released by the US government, as someone named Akbar Khan, instead of OBL.  BBC and Central Chinese TV have released videos containing such interviews with the residents of that area. 

These can be found on various web sites and utube.   

[The original] Ummat Interview With Usama Bin Laden [can be found here:] http://www.ilaam.net/Sept11/OBLInterview.html. [This article is originally posted at the following address: http://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/osama-bin-laden-unasked-and-unanswered-questions-about-the-claims-of-his-killing-by-the-us-military-by-fazal-rahman-ph-d/

In his interview, Usama bin Laden pointed out that the Israeli regime is behind the 9-11 attacks. He expressed gratitude and support for Pakistan, urging the Pakistani people to continue their jehad against dictators, tyrants, traitors, crooks, criminals, dictatorships and tyrannies.

News of this Ummat interview was suppressed in the US. Between the time of its publication and October 7, the US apparently spent its time creating a fake “bin Laden” interview, using either a stand-in or morphing.

Fazal Rahman (PhD) who is a Pakistan-born American citizen is a political scientist, writer, and expert on US imperialism and Western capitalism. He’s travelled many nations around the globe extensively and resided in several continents including Africa (Zambia), Middle East (Lebanon), South America (Brazil), etc. His articles appear in several independent media outlets such as Dandelionsalad.wordpress.com, the 4th Media, and so on.

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