The Blindness of the European Union in the Face of US Military Strategy

EU officials are completely wrong regarding Islamist attacks in Europe and the migration to the Union of people fleeing wars. Thierry Meyssan shows here that all this is not the accidental consequence of conflict in the broader Middle East and Africa, but a strategic objective of the United States.

The leaders of the European Union are suddenly faced with unexpected situations. On the one hand there are attacks or attempted attacks perpetrated or prepared by individuals not belonging to identified political groups; on the other there is an influx of migrants via the Mediterranean, with several thousands dying at their doorsteps.

In the absence of strategic analysis, these two events are considered a priori as not related and are treated by different administrations. The first is the responsibility of Intelligence, customs and the police and the second falls under the purview of Defense. Yet they have a common origin: the political instability in the Levant and Africa.

The European Union is deprived of the means to understand

If the military academies of the European Union had done their job for the past fifteen years, they would have studied the US “big brother” doctrine. Indeed, for many long years, the Pentagon has published all kinds of documents on “chaos theory” borrowed from philosopher, Leo Strauss. Only a few months ago, an official who should have been retired more than 25 years ago, Andrew Marshall, had a budget of 10 million dollars a year to conduct research on this subject [1]. But no EU military academy has seriously studied this doctrine and its consequences both because it’s a form of barbaric war and because it was designed by a mentor of US Jewish elites. And everyone knows that the US-that-saved-us-from-Nazism cannot conceive of such atrocities. [2]

If politicians of the European Union had traveled a little bit, not only in Iraq, Syria, Libya, the Horn of Africa, Nigeria and Mali but also in Ukraine, they would have seen with their own eyes the implementation of this strategic doctrine. But they just come and talk in a building of the green zone in Baghdad, on a platform in Tripoli or the Maidan square of Kiev. They ignore the experiences of the people and, at the request of their “big brother”, often close their embassies so that they are deprived of eyes and ears on site. Worse yet, they have subscribed, always at the request of their “big brother”, to embargoes, so that no businessman goes there to see what is happening either.

Chaos is not an accident, it is the goal

Contrary to what was said by President François Hollande, the migration of Libyans is not the result of a “lack of follow-up” of the “Unified Protector” operation, but the result sought by this operation in which his country played a leading role. The chaos has not taken hold because the “Libyan revolutionaries” were unable to agree among themselves after the “fall” of Muammar el-Qaddafi. It was the strategic goal of the United States. And it succeeded. There never was a “democratic revolution” in Libya but a secession of Cyrenaica. There has never been an application of a UN mandate to “protect the population” but the slaughter of 160 000 Libyans, three fourths of them being civilians under the bombs of the Alliance (International Red Cross figures).

I remember, before I joined the Government of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, having been asked to be a witness at a meeting in Tripoli between a US delegation and Libyan representatives. During this long conversation, the head of the US delegation explained to his interlocutors that the Pentagon was ready to save them from certain death, but required them to hand over their Guide. He added that when al-Gaddafi died, the tribal society would fail to validate a new leader for at least a generation, so the country would be engulfed in chaos that it had hitherto never known. I related this conversation in many circumstances and have never ceased, from the lynching of the Guide, in October 2011, to predict what is happening today.

“Chaos Theory”

When, in 2003, the US press began to discuss “chaos theory”, the White House responded by citing a “constructive chaos”, suggesting that it would destroy the structures of oppression so that life could spring forth freely. But never had Leo Strauss, nor the Pentagon until then, used this expression. Rather, according to them, chaos would be such that nothing could be organized, apart from the will of the Creator of the New Order, the United States [3].

The principle of this strategic doctrine can be summarized as: the simplest way to plunder the natural resources of a country over a long period is not to occupy it, but to destroy the state. No state, no army. No enemy, no risk of defeat. Thus, the strategic goal of the US military and the alliance it leads, NATO, is only destroying States. What happens to the people concerned is not Washington’s problem.

This project is inconceivable for Europeans who, since the English Civil War, have been convinced by the Leviathan of Thomas Hobbes that it is necessary to give up certain freedoms, or even to accept a tyrannical state, rather than being plunged into chaos.

The European Union Denies its Complicity in US Crimes

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have already cost the lives of four million people. [4] They were presented to the Security Council as necessary responses “in self defense” but it is now recognized that they were planned well before September 11 in a much broader context of “Greater Middle East remodeling” and that the reasons given to trigger this were mere propaganda fabrications.

It is customary to recognize the genocide committed by European colonialism, but few

will admit these recent four million deaths today despite scientific studies that attest to them. It is that our parents were “bad”, but we are “good” and cannot be complicit in this horror.

It is common to make fun of the poor German people who kept its trust in its Nazi leader until the end and became aware only after his defeat of the crimes committed in its name. But we are doing exactly the same. We remain confident in our “big brother” and do not want to see the crimes in which he involves us. Surely, our children will laugh at us …

The errors of interpretation of the European Union

- No western European leader, absolutely none, has dared to publicly consider that refugees from Iraq, Syria, Libya, the Horn of Africa, Nigeria and Mali are not fleeing dictatorships, but the chaos in which we have voluntarily but unconsciously plunged their countries.

- No western European leader, absolutely none, has dared to publicly consider that the “Islamist” attacks affecting Europe are not the extension of the wars of the “broader Middle East”, but are sponsored by those also sponsored the chaos in this region. We prefer to continue thinking that the “Islamists” are against Jews and Christians, while the vast majority of their victims are neither Jewish nor Christian, but Muslim. With aplomb, we accuse them of promoting the “war of civilizations”, whereas this concept was forged in the US National Security Council and remains alien to their culture. [5]

- No western European leader, absolutely none, has dared to publicly consider that the next step will be the “Islamization” of drug distribution networks on the Nicaraguan Contras model of selling drugs in California to the black community with the help of and under the orders of the CIA. [6] We have decided to ignore that the Karzai family withdrew the distribution of Afghan heroin from the Kosovo mafia and has trasferred it to Daesh [7].

The United States has never wanted Ukraine to join the Union

Military academies of the European Union have not studied “chaos theory” because they are barred from doing so. The few teachers and researchers who have ventured on this ground have been severely punished, while the press labels as “conspiracy theorists” civilian writers interested in the subject.

The politicians of the European Union believed that the events of Maidan Square were spontaneous and that the demonstrators wanted to leave the authoritarian Russian orbit and enter the EU paradise. They were amazed at the publication of the conversation of the Under Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, referring to her secret control of events and saying her goal was to “F—k the EU” (sic). [8] Henceforth, they no longer understood anything about what was happening.

If they had allowed free research in their countries, they would have understood that by intervening in Ukraine by organizing the “regime change,” the United States ensured that the European Union would remain in their service. The great anxiety in Washington, since the speech of Vladimir Putin to the 2007 Conference on Munich Security, has been that Germany might realize where its interest lies: not with Washington, but with Moscow. [9] Gradually destroying the Ukrainian state, the United States is cutting the main communication channel between the European Union and Russia. You can look at the succession of events from every which angle, you will not find any other explanation. Washington does not want Ukraine to join the EU, as evidenced by Madame Nuland’s remark. Its sole purpose is to transform the territory into dangerous ground to cross.

US military planning

Here we are faced with two problems that are developing very quickly: ’Islamist’ attacks are just beginning. Migration has tripled in the Mediterranean in a single year.

If my analysis is correct, over the next decade we will see “Islamists” attacks related to the broader Middle East and Africa double with “Nazi attacks” related to Ukraine. We will then discover that al-Qaeda and the Ukrainian Nazis have been connected since their joint congress in 2007 in Ternopol (Ukraine). In reality, their grandparents have known each other since World War II. The Nazis had then recruited Soviet Muslims to fight against Moscow (it was the program of Gerhard von Mende at the Ostministerium). At the end of the war, both had been recovered by the CIA (Frank Wisner’s program with Amcomlib) to conduct sabotage operations in the USSR.

The migrations in the Mediterranean, which for the moment are only a humanitarian issue (200 000 in 2014), will continue to grow to become a serious economic problem. Recent decisions of the EU to go sink the ships of traffickers in Libya will not serve to curb migration, but to justify new military operations to maintain chaos in Libya (and not to solve it).

All this will cause major problems in the European Union which seems today to be a haven of peace. For Washington, it is not a question of destroying this market which remains essential, but of making sure the EU is never in a competitive position and to limit its development.

In 1991, President Bush instructed a disciple of Leo Strauss, Paul Wolfowitz (then unknown to the public), to develop a strategy for the post-Soviet era. The “Wolfowitz Doctrine” explained that garanteeing US supremacy in the world requires the curbing of the European Union [10]. In 2008, during the financial crisis in the United States, the president of the Economic Council of the White House, historian Christina Rohmer, explained that the only way to bail out the banks was to close tax havens in third countries and cause disorders in Europe so that capital would flow back to the United States. Ultimately, Washington is now proposing to merge NAFTA and the European Union, the dollar and the euro, and to degrade EU Member States to the level of Mexico. [11]

Unfortunately, neither the peoples of the European Union nor their leaders are aware of what President Barack Obama is preparing for them.

Roger Lagassé

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Leo Strauss (1899-1973) was a specialist in political philosophy. He gathered around him a small group of students, most of whom subsequently worked for the Department of Defense. They formed a sort of cult and inspired Pentagon strategy.

JPEG - 18.2 kbOn May 8, 2007 (the anniversary of the fall of the Nazi regime), in Ternopol (Western Ukraine), Nazi and Islamist groups create a so-called anti-imperialist front to fight against Russia. Organizations of Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Russia are participating, including the Islamic separatists of Crimea, of Adygea, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Ossetia and Chechnya. Not being able to get there because of international sanctions, Dokka Umarov, had his contribution read for him. The Front is headed by Dmytro Yarosh, now become adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.


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