16 Gazans killed in Israeli attack since Friday

At least 16 Palestinians have been killed and many others wounded in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since Friday, Press TV reported.

“We believe the reason behind the Israeli attack is the silence of the Arab [world] and the international community. We demand that the resistance factions retaliate for and avenge the killing of our people,” a Gaza resident said after the assault.

Thousands of angry mourners participated in the funeral procession for the Palestinians killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza that were carried out on Saturday morning.

“The latest attacks on Gaza are very dangerous. They happen amid a fragile truce. Therefore, the enemy should bear the consequences. We will continue our resistance and response,” said Abu Ahmed, a member of the armed wing of Islamic Jihad of Palestine.

“We condemn the silence of the international community, including the United Nations Security Council and the UN General Assembly. Because it is clear now that Israel is a criminal entity and continues to defy all international laws.

Therefore, it is our right to resist the occupier. We tell the world that we will defend our people using all available means,” said Abdullah Shami, a member of Islamic Jihad of Palestine.

Israeli war planes and ground forces have frequently attacked Gaza since the end of the December 2008-January 2009 war on the people of the Gaza Strip. Most of the victims of the attacks are civilians, including women and children.

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