The War Propaganda Corporate Media Steers The World Toward Disaster

The establishment media has slipped into overdrive. It is determined to fan the flames of hysteria and set the stage for a devastating attack on Iran.

On Thursday, CNN’s Erin Burnet interviewed New York’s Rep. Peter King who said Iran will unleash Hezbollah in America and the result will be worse than an attack with ballistic missiles.

King and Burnet threw around a slew of lies and fabrications in order to fan the flames of hysteria – from the cartoonish plot by a failed Iranian used car salesman to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador cooked up by the DEA and the FBI to highly suspect and largely inept attacks on Israeli diplomats in India, Georgia and Thailand.

Law enforcement officials in New York and Los Angeles “are keeping an eye out for potential Iranian operatives or anyone with links to the country’s proxy terrorist group, Hezbollah,” reports Fox News. The public can now expect more cops dressed in black with automatic weapons at airports, subways and bus terminals.

Following attacks in India, Georgia and Thailand attributed to Iran and Hezbollah by Israel, the United States and the corporate media, the NYPD’s intelligence boss said Iran is the number one threat to the Big Apple.

In Los Angeles, a city with one of the largest Iranian communities outside Iran, the hysterical and unlikely prospect of an Iranian attack has overshadowed intelligence briefings for weeks.

Israel is barraging a complaisant corporate media with all sorts of dire predictions, especially in regard to the safety of Jews around the world. “Iran and Hezbollah are continuing to try to carry out other attacks on targets abroad,” an Israeli counterterrorism official said Friday, without offering specific details or bothering to provide evidence. “That means asking Israelis abroad to be vigilant.”

In Britain, foreign secretary William Hague said Iran’s drive to obtain nuclear weapons – an assertion that remains unsubstantiated – will result in a new and uncontrollable Cold War.

The Mirror – no slouch when it comes to producing sensationalized pablum of the most lurid sort – posted a story today claiming Iran is training “Al-Qaeda terrorists in advanced explosives with a view to new 9/11-style attacks,” according to nameless experts, and the “2012 London Olympics is believed to be a prime target.”

An absurd case of lies and fantastic conjecture passed off as truth is now rolling full-steam down hill at record speed and will soon result in a disastrous collision that will deal a coup de grâce to the global economy and result in the implementation of a police state.

It’s not that we didn’t learn from the propaganda campaign and invasion of Iraq almost a decade ago. Most Americans now realize that the war was cooked up under false pretense, but there is little they can do because the political system is so corrupted and captured by the military-intelligence-bankster complex.


Kurt Nimmo,


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