Pentagon-Japan’s WAR PLANS on Korea To Start w/ False-flag Attacks on Asian Capitals

… Insubordination is the exact charge that should be laid against Matthis when he illegally prepares for an expanded war without notifying Congress or the White House….

Even as President Donald Trump sends an overture for peace talks with DPRK leader Kim Jong Un, the Pentagon and Japan’s intelligence agency are running black operations to launch false-flag operations against Asian capitals as a pretext for war on the Korean Peninsula. Already, covert teams are pinning targets for black ops planners at the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, Japan’s carrier-borne helicopters are getting ready to transfer nuclear bombs onto US Marine Corps F-35B Lighting attack jets off Shikoku, the small Japanese island that fronts the Inland (Seto) Sea. In mid-January, the defect-plagued F-35s were forward-deployed to the Marine Corps Air Station at Iwakuni in Yamaguchi, the home prefecture of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Soon, these troubled aircraft will be launching World War III.

Mad Dogs Plan Pretext for a First Strike

The dispatch of reconnaissance team to civilian centers in Asia shows that Abe and Defense Secretary James Matthis are planning a false-flag attack to be blamed on the North Koreans to justify a massive US-Japan “counter-attack”, actually a first strike, with nuclear bombs. Over the past year, Abe has repeatedly asserted his first-strike doctrine and opposed international disarmament talks outlawing sneak attacks.

Preparations for the false-flag/counterstrike operations are under way with the rendezvous of the Japanese helicopter carrier Izumo with an as-yet unidentified US Navy supply vessel off the Boso Peninsula (Chiba Prefecture, due east of Tokyo). The sailing direction of the US supply ship indicates it came from Johnson Atoll, the US nuclear arsenal near the Hawaiian Islands, meaning it is transporting a cargo of nuclear bombs.


The supply ship, escorted by the gigantic Izumo, is now off the coast of Shikoku, Japan’s fourth-largest island that fronts the Inland Sea, or Seto Naikai. Aside from the ports of Osaka, Kobe and Hiroshima, the Inland Sea is the location of the US Marine Corps Air Station at Iwakuni, in Yamaguchi, Abe’s home province.

On January 18, 2017, the US Marines forward-deployed Fighter Attack Squadron 121, known as the “Green Knights”, at Iwakuni. The Marine version of the stealth fighter-bomber is capable of vertical landing on the decks of helicopter carriers and with angular lift can achieve short takeoffs.


US Marines forward-deployed Stealth Fighter Attack Squadron 121, known as the “Green Knights”

Either the helicopters of the Izumo are delivering the warheads to Iwakuni in blatant violation of Japan’s Three Non-Nuclear Principles or, to evade detection from land observers, landing the F-35s on deck for ordnance loading.

At this point, before there is any sign of a cross-border offensive from North Korean forces, the US-Japan bomb-transfer is for an offensive naval-air operation, and therefore in clear violation of Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan as well as the US-Japan Security Agreement. The treachery makes Shinzo Abe nothing less than a war criminal under Japanese law and American treaty.


Gen. Mattis is acting in aggressive violation of the defensive mission of the security treaty and therefore should be relieved of his duties just like the rogue commander in the Korean War, General Douglas MacArthur, was recalled on April 11, 1951, for insubordination against the president because of his call for use of nuclear bombs against North Korea and China.

Insubordination is the exact charge that should be laid against Matthis when he illegally prepares for an expanded war without notifying Congress or the White House.

A new Korean conflict would involve the Chinese and Russian military forces, in direct contravention of President Donald Trump’s repeated calls for personal talks with the North Korean leader aimed at a diplomatic solution and a return to the 6-party talks on denuclearization. However difficult and long the path to a peaceful resolution, that is infinitely better than risking World War III.


US Marine Corps F-35B Lighting Attack Jets

Second Korean War is a Rerun

Marine Air Squadron 122 has a history in Korea, earning fame for its repeated attempts in 1952 to bomb the Sui-ho Dam, a major hydroelectric power dam. Intended to pressure the Northern side in the Panmunjeom truce talks, the damage to the power plant contributed to the massive toll of up to 5 million human lives, not only by war but through the total warfare against habitation, water supplies, agriculture, industries and even hospitals and schools.

Since those dark days, the recurrent insolence from senior American field commanders is an all-too frequent problem that arises from the practically autonomous military “empire” in the Pentagon’s archipelago of bases in the territories of tributary nations, far out of reach from the White House, Congress, courts and diplomatic corps.

With their dirty dealings with corrupt host elites, including bribe-taking to deplete military stores of ammo and BX supplies of booze, raping and robbing local civilians, and whoring with camp followers, these garrisons are bilking the American taxpayers and doing anything except defending democracy.

The US military has been in a sorry state since long before the Vietnam conflict and dependent on crooked contractors to fix their failing equipment instead of demanding do-it-yourself designs of weapons systems. In a real war, the Minutemen of Lexington and Concord would easily win a shooting contest with today’s millennial crusaders.

To think that a Mad Dog and Green Knights are going to achieve an easy victory over the Spartans of Asia, a reputation hard-earned by the North Koreans, is a fantasy no matter how many false flag attacks are scheduled. Taking his cue from President Harry Truman, Trump must reassert his stature as Commander in Chief, and retire Matthis to virtual reality gaming where he can slaughter every zombie in sight.


Evading Prosecution for Mass Murder

Since Mattis and Abe hope to conceal their crime of triggering a world war, they must unleash sufficient mass brutality to erase the public memory, as happened when B-52 carpet-bombing took attention off the fake Tonkin Gulf incident. Therefore it is important now to begin putting evidence on the record for illegal provocation of a world war and their coming crimes against humanity.

Nuclear warfare, with its indiscriminate killing of a large group of humans, fits the definition of genocide. In the two times that atomic weapons were used against an enemy nation, the postwar United Nations did not deem those US attacks to constitute genocide due to the fact that wartime Japan was the sole remaining head of the Axis, its commission of atrocities against millions of people in Asia, and the immediate necessity to end World War II from sacrificing the lives of more Allied personnel.

Those arguments that exonerated President Harry Truman, the Manhattan Project scientists and air crews of the USAF bombers do not apply in the present case of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), however objectionable the regime’s policies may be to its critics. The use of nuclear weapons against the Korean people would be grossly disproportionate to whatever they might be guilty of in border skirmishes, verbal threats and the alleged-(so-called)-“human rights abuses.” Their own small ballistic force is a mere deterrent to the vast US threat and Japan’s secret nuclear-weapons program, which the UN has failed to probe.

A war-crazed neo-colonialist, Abe has found a fanatic “kobun” (underling) In “Mad Dog” Mattis. At a crossroads to either world war or peace, the White House has only two options: Let these vicious rabid mutts spread their epidemic against the world population; or put them to sleep.

Jim Mattis

Out of Uniform Removes Geneva Protections

Before proceeding, in the interest of the rights of American service personnel assigned to undercover missions: Your superior officers are aware that Geneva Accords regarding the treatment of prisoners do not apply to military personnel captured out of uniform and in civilian attire for purposes of espionage. If taken, the international standards for humane treatment and limitations on interrogation become no longer in effect, leaving you to be treated as a foreign spy who can expect robust interrogation, unlimited incarceration and other lamentable types of inhumane treatment.

Whether you volunteered or were ordered to participate in military reconnaissance of civilian centers will have no bearing on your sentencing. Your officers were in legal and ethical violation of U.S. law and the military code for endangering your lives and personal safety, but due to this problem the US Government will be under no obligation to provide support to your family members or even inform them of your whereabouts. The risk is entirely yours alone, and the odds of being caught are running against you by the minute.

In short, while it is understandable that you lack the knowledge or sense to refuse participation due to one verbal incentive or another, it would be an decades-long effort on my part to try to retrieve whatever is left of you to bring home to your loved ones. It falls on antiwar individuals like me to undo these snafus, because your officers by then only want you to be silenced. At the end of the day they’ll be drinking beer with the adversaries, while you’ll be forgotten like the yellow-ribbon POWS abandoned in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. So do a favor, and save me that thankless effort and spare your family and friends the needless hardship from this idiotic exercise.


Yoichi Shimatsu, Senior Advisor and Contributing Editor for The 4th Media was a former editor with The Japan Times group. He is a science journalist who has conducted radioactivity studies in the Fukushima exclusion zone, where he has found evidence of large-scale plutonium extraction for nuclear weapons production.


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