“Throughout “all of this scheming,” the source said, “some working guys in the CIA and the State Department were saying, ‘Don’t do this. It’s stupid and will be a political nightmare if it comes out.’”

 “This is not kiddie stuff,” the source said. If the attack were traceable to the United States, “It’s an act of war.” 

(How America Took Out the Nord Stream PipelineBy Seymour M. Hersh, February 08, 2023, emphasis added)

Unfolding “Political Nightmare”

The evidence amply confirms that The Nord Stream was the object of an act of sabotage ordered by President Joe Biden.

Nord Stream –which originates in Russia– transits through the (maritime) territorial jurisdiction of four member states of the European Union. In international law, “Territorial Integrity” extends to “properties” located within the territorial waters of the Nation State.

From a legal standpoint (International Law: UN Charter, Law of the Sea) this was a U.S. Act of War against the European Union.

The deliberate destruction of said “properties” within a country’s territorial waters by or on behalf of a foreign state actor constitutes an act of war. 

Germany’s Prosecutor General Peter Frank confirmed in an in-depth investigation that:

“there is no evidence to blame Russia for the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipelines”.

If it Wasn’t Russia, Who was Behind it?

According to the Prosecutor General:

“[The suspicion] that there had been a foreign sabotage act [in this case], has so far not been substantiated”

Peter Frank casually dispels the role of the US president (which is amply confirmed) (see below).

The Attack is “Traceable”. It’s an Act of Economic and Social Warfare against the European Union.

The US act of sabotage coupled with the sanctions regime has created social havoc and hardship throughout the European Union. Inflation spearheaded by rising energy costs has gone fly high. People are freezing, unable to pay their heating bills.

While media reports fail to acknowledge the social and economic impacts of the US act of sabotage,  official EU sources confirm (without mentioning the cause) that:

“the number of its citizens living in energy poverty could be as high as 125 million” (28% of its total population).

Europe is in Debt Crisis. The Welfare State is being dismantled.

Destabilizing the EU Economy

The EU economy which has relied on cheap energy from Russia is in a shambles, marked by disruptions in the entire fabric of industrial production (manufacturing), transportation and commodity trade.

A string of corporate bankruptcies resulting in lay-offs and unemployment is unfolding across the European Union. Small and medium sized enterprises are slated to be wiped of map:

“Rocketing energy costs are savaging German industry”

“Germany’s manufacturing industry — which accounts for more than one fifth of the country’s economic output — is worried some of its companies won’t see the crisis through. …”

“Industry behemoths like Volkswagen (VLKAF) and Siemens (SIEGY) are grappling with supply chain bottlenecks too, but it is Germany’s roughly 200,000 small and medium-sized manufacturers who are less able to withstand the shock [of rising energy prices]

These companies are a vital part of the “Mittelstand,” the 2.6 million small- and medium-sized enterprises that account for more than half of German economic output and nearly two-thirds of the country’s jobs. Many are family-owned and deeply integrated into rural communities”

Thanks to Joe Biden

At a Press Conference (February 2022)  “Biden Spilled the Beans”:

“We will, I promise you, we will be able to do that”, said Joe Biden

Joe Biden: “There will be no longer a Nord Stream 2”

scroll down for details

VIDEO: Interview of Caroline Mailloux with Michel Chossudovsky

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How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline

By Seymour M. Hersh, February 09, 2023


America is no longer “An Ally” of the EU. Quite the opposite. The insidious role of the US in carrying out acts of sabotage against the EU is amply documented. Beyond doubt.

Meanwhile corrupt EU politicians are not only blaming Russia, they are collaborating with the U.S., setting the stage for the destruction of the European Union on behalf of Washington. 

They are “Sleeping with the Enemy” to the Detriment of  the People of Europe.

Treason constitutes an act of betrayal by European politicians in high office on behalf of a foreign power, which through various means is actively and deliberately triggering economic and social chaos throughout the European Union. The U.S. is not an ally of the EU. Quite the opposite. Washington is waging war against Europe, with the support of  corrupt government officials in high office. It’s an act of treason.

What is required is “Regime Change” throughout the European Union as well criminal prosecutions directed against corrupt politicians.

The Media’s Response

According to the Daily Mail (February 9, 2023):

“Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh cited an unidentified source as saying that U.S. navy divers had destroyed the pipelines with explosives on the orders of President Joe Biden.

Reuters was unable to corroborate the allegations. The White House dismissed them as ‘utterly false and complete fiction’. Norway’s foreign ministry said the allegations were ‘nonsense’.

“Fake News” according to the Media.

Here is What the White House Calls “Complete Fiction” 

In a televised news February 2022 interview the President of the United States acknowledged that the United States would act against Nord Stream if required. This statement was made 3 weeks prior to the Russian invasion:

President Joe Biden: “If Russia invades that means tanks and troops crossing the border of Ukraine again, then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2.”

Reporter: “But how will you exactly do that, since the project is in Germany’s control?”

Biden:“We will, I promise you, we will be able to do that.”  (emphasis added)

Joe Biden: “There will be no longer a Nord Stream 2”




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