US Sponsored Rebels in Syria Have Been Defeated: Government Forces Restoring Peace throughout the Country

In spite of all the efforts  taken by the mainstream western media to conceal the acts of violence against the civilian population committed by opposition rebels, the real face of that opposition has been revealed.



Defeated on the battlefront,  militants have wreaked their anger on defenseless people.

The world was shocked by reports of numerous massacres  in Jisr Al-Shugur, province of Idleb, village Hatla in Deir Al-Zor, in the region of Khan al-Assal in Halab. The shooting of 450 women, children and elderly people from the local Kurdish community of Tal Abyad in Rakka has shattered all the doubts: events in Syria are not characteristic of a civil war but the war by Syrian government forces against Western supported international terrorism and extremism.

It will be difficult for the American leaders to explain to the international community and the voters the way the US has become an ally of Al-Qaida. The cynicism of the West was revealed when the CIA appointed General John Right, who had been fighting terrorism in Afghanistan, responsible for US operations in Syria, so that now he is in charge of training Syrian terrorists in Jordan.

However, without direct Western military intervention, the rebels are being defeated.

At the meeting with US State Secretary John Kerry, Akhmed Jabra, the President of the self proclaimed “Syrian National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition forces”, declared that  “The situation in Syria is now desperate”.

Step by step, region by region governmental forces are restoring peace throughout the country.

Even in Homs, one of rebels’ strongholds, governmental forces are firmly holding the initiative and recapturing strategic districts. The fundamental change in the Syrian conflict has already happened and there were several underlying factors.

Fed up with lawlessness in the land, Syrians lay down their arms to return to their homes and families, while some even reenter the armed forces and the police in order to protect their relatives and their motherland as well.

As some ex-militants are saying, Syria has no future under extremism.



The war on radical islamists has united Shia of Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, which had sided Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Palestinian refugees have dislodged the militants from refugees’ camp Yarmouk near Damascus.

On the other side, the coalition of the opposition appears to be split, and a violent internal conflict is taking place.

At least 12 armed groups declares their separation from the Dar al-Jabal brigade of the Free Syrian Army, protesting against linking with Al-Qaida and killing civilians.

The Syrian Kurds move surprised the West and especially Turkey. Continuing support for the militants together with internal unrest and aggravation of the Kurdish question could result in the territorial disintegration of Turkey. The Syrian opposition lost yet one more ally with the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohhamed Moursi .

European financial crisis and pressure from the side of Russia and China prevent the West from direct military intervention in Syria, while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are not able of predetermining the outcome of the conflict.

Governmental forces’ final victory is a question of time.

From recent statements of Bashar al-Assad it is obvious that there is no chance of pardon for the extremists.

It may well be so that the Syrian conflict will become an example of the victory of the state and the people over international terrorism. In such a case the US and Europe may be incited to create new terrorism training camps to replace those replace who currently fleeing Syria with a new influx of terrorists.


By Global Research News / The 4th Media News

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