US Gun Death Toll Over New Year Holiday Hits 651, Including 396 Suicides

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – More than 250 people were killed in gun violence across the United States over the New Year’s holiday week with almost 400 more using guns to commit suicide, the Gun Violence Archive announced on Friday.

The death toll from all recorded murders or homicides and unintentional shootings was 255, the organization announced in its table of casualties, the Gun Violence Archive said in a report.

That figure included 12 mass shootings, the report said.

Another 396 people used guns to commit suicide, Gun Violence Archive said. Another 550 people were injured by gun use during the same period, the report said.

The death toll included seven children aged up to 11 and teenagers from age 12 to age 17, the report added.

The Gun Violence Archive collects statistics on gun deaths and injuries across the United States on a daily basis from 7,500 sources.



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