Trayvon Killed, and US Reneged Poverty Promises Kill 20,000 Children Daily

4-minute video: the blunt truth about Trayvon Martin’s death

Trayvon Martin’s death is a tragedy.

And that said: US political leadership has reneged on every promise to save the lives of helpless children, resulting in the deaths of ~20,000 every day from preventable poverty.

Since the US ongoing lies to care for children at the 1990 World Summit for Children, nearly 200,000,000 children have died in gruesome agony far more painful than death by gunshot.

And that said: the US government was found guilty in civil trial for the greatest racist assassination in American history: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

US psychopathy with deaths of children definitively refutes their claims to care for any child’s life, and invalidates their motive for gun control as caring for innocent lives, notwithstanding President Obama’s crocodile tears for Trayvon.

Despite the US promise to save these innocent children’s lives dying from poverty being a mere 0.7% of our income, and US public willingness to contribute up to 10% of our income to help the poor, US “leadership” never admit their dishonored promise to American families and children.

Read myEconomics of ending poverty for complete documentation.

The total number of human beings dead from preventable poverty since the 1990 World Summit for Children is conservatively greater than all deaths from all wars, murders, and acts of violence in recorded human history.

As you may know, US direct causality of war-murders is 20-30 million since reneging on treaty law to never use armed attack as foreign policy.

You will have to read about these facts from alternative media.

The six corporations that dominate US media provided this tragic-comic “coverage” on the World Summit for Children and this kind of “coverage” of wars, debt, and poverty that ongoingly kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.

The obvious policy response from Americans should be to disarm and arrest the criminal 1% who actively kill in unlawful wars, passively kill through debt and poverty, and then pretend to care about children as they demand to disarm an American public aware of their crimes and lies.


Carl Herman, The Washington’s Blog

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