To Talk about the Political Pandemonium in Seoul How the Situation Might …

You requested me to share an opinion about the forthcoming relationship between the new Trump regime/North Korea as follows:

Instead of talking about the relationship between two antagonistic/hostile regimes, North Korea and USA, I think it would be more urgent/concerned to talk about the political pandemonium in Seoul how the situation might go the way either Park or Korean people wishes…

I would like to convey my scenario how the political turmoil would end up in the coming days, weeks or months, as if I predicted the Drumpf’s victory.

However I recommend that the readers of my email employ a sort of caveat emptor before you delve into my argument: frankly speaking I have to admit that I have not been familiar with the political/economic/cultural phenomena in the Korean matters…there are two aspects taking into account…first, I have been living in Canada for 40-years since my departure from the vicious military satrap, Gen. Park CH (I mean I have left “meme pool” as a Korean while forced to keep Korean “gene pool”…you can’t choose your parents) and the second: my expertise for analysis resides in the Middle East/Palestine Issue, not in the political situation in the Korean peninsula. (my recent visit in the region was when I joined the two-weeks fact-finding NGO tour to the North and one-week personal tour to the South in 2012.)

Here are my two-cent prognosis on the political malady in the South Korean peninsula.

The showdown between the Park regime and S. Korean demonstrators looms ominous day by day that may bring the matters off the precipice of declaring the Martial Law by a cornered rat, El Presidente Park, the Queen of “My Way or The Highway”.

And the Martial Law gives an opportunity for the certain element of the S. Korean military junta encouraged/plotted by the Uncle Sam to occupy the Blue House and to evict/arrest the disgraced Prez into custody in order to calm the anger/frustration of the S. Korean people.

The above-mentioned scenario has been a routine course of the regime change by Uncle Sam over their satrapies around the world…when coup fails, Uncle Sam denies any involvement and the junta becomes a patsy…as S. Koreans already witnessed in the assassination of Prez’s dad, Gen. Park CH. It would be an extreme irony to see a daughter of the assassinated Military Dictator is doomed/downed by the same military coup detat that her father took power decades ago.

S. Koreans have kept their mental/intellectual blindness for over half a century about the status of their country that “the Republic of Korea” is an independent/sovereign nation…they never envisage their country as a neo-colonial satrapy (they are too proud/egotistic/biased to acknowlege their status quo), like Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, or recent Vietnam…they have been corralled into the hen house of “Pivot to Asia” camp where local captain Shinjo Abe plays a role of Capo in Mafia. (now you may find the reason why Prez Park was eager to sign the Military Information Treaty with Japan in spite of the turmoil in her backyard.)

There is just one specific reason why Park is wary of declaring the Martial Law: she is afraid of being arrested by the same military element that her father used to overthrow the democratically elected regime in the 60s…and she wants desperately to have Uncle Sam’s assurance that she would not be thrown out in the mud…that’s why she is driven to have the agreement with her immediate boss, Abe Shinjo.

For Uncle Sam, Americans don’t care who rules the country as far as the satrap follows what Uncle Sam wants in the region…Would Donald Drumpf be any exception? Frankly speaking I do’t know since he is such a unpredictable bozo who shoot anything from both ends of his mouth.

Park was unable to leave the country for the APEC meeting in Peru, because she might be ended up as a homeless international orphan wandering around globe as a floating garbage.

I’d assume that Park would dig in with a forlorn hope that she would be somehow able to ride out the life/death quagmire of the current turmoil by performing a fellatio on Uncle Sam…but her new overlord, Donald Dumph who … would … taunt her to get lost when she is of no use any more in the American hegemonic business in the region…I mean the whole shebang may settle by the invisible forces of S. Korean overlord, Uncle Sam via clandestine operation of USCIA.

I believe not many readers of my email would grasp what I have said above, as if I said that D. Drumpf would be the 45th Prez of USA.

Do I care? NOT AT ALL!!


Dale Han, The 4th Media

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