The 16th NAM Summit: A Death Notice to the US and Israel Policy of Demonization and Isolation of Iran

U.S. Fails in Its Moves to Isolate Iran 


With no force can the imperialist powers weaken the might of the world independent forces against imperialism.

This is clearly evidenced by the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement held in Iran some days ago.

As proven, the U.S. has conspired with Western countries in its desperate efforts to internationally isolate Iran and suffocate its economy under the pretext of its nuclear issue.

The summit held in Iran against this backdrop aroused great concern of big powers.

The U.S. and Israel tried hard to deter leaders of some non-aligned countries and the UN secretary general from taking part in the summit, saying that their visits of Iran will be a “great mistake”.

Nevertheless, all 120 member states of NAM took part in the summit despite the vicious challenge of the U.S. and the West.

The recent NAM Summit called for opposing the U.S. and the West’s high-handed and arbitrary practices and unilateralism, and strengthening unity and solidarity among the NAM countries in their efforts to establish a fair and new international order.



Seyed Ali Khamenei, leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, said that the U.S. and the Western countries are abusing the UN in a sinister bid to force the world to follow their view on value. He called on NAM to play bigger role in the international arena as required by the new era.


Many speakers accused big powers of meddling in the internal affairs of developing countries in a bid to deter them from their democratic development, and strongly hoped for the reform of the UN and the international financial system which are being swayed over by the U.S. and the West.

Parties concerned commented that the U.S. and the Western powers failed to isolate Iran from the world and block the unity of independent forces against imperialism.


KCNA, Pyongyang, September 8

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