The EU-Anglosphere Climate War

The EU alone possesses motive and capacity to conduct climate-camouflaged economic warfare on the Anglosphere. With English commonly, often officially, spoken in 60+ countries, “Anglosphere” presents problems; herein, it means:

  • Australia: 7.7 million square kilometres; 26 million citizens.
  • Canada: 9.9 million square kilometres; 39 million citizens.
  • New Zealand: 268,000 square kilometres; 5.1 million citizens.
  • UK: 242,500 square kilometres; 68 million citizens.
  • USA: 9.8 million square kilometres; 332 million citizens.
  • Total: 28 million square kilometres; 470 million citizens.

The 27-country EU spans 4.2 million square kilometres and counts 450 million citizens; i.e., same population; a seventh the land.

Natural resource disparities are greater. Differences in fossil fuel endowments explain “Climate Change.”

The Anglosphere is Earth’s fossil fuel superpower; America its leading oil producer.

Canada ranks fourth, the UK twentieth and Australia thirty-first. No EU country is a top 40 producer.

None possess significant reserves.

EU imports: 14 million b/p/d. Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain and Belgium – top 15 importers all – shelled-out $US176 billion for oil in 2021.

Anglosphere coal reserves are unmatched. American reserves far exceed second-place Russia’s whose reserves barely exceed Australia’s.

Canada and New Zealand are both top 15. Tory coal-phobes understate Britannia’s huge deposits.

Germany tops the EU at a distant seventh in reserves and no black coal mining. Germany imports 40 million tonnes a year.

EU countries imported 440 million tonnes in 2020. (EU outlier Poland, has the ninth largest reserves.)


Behind egalitarian 27-culture tableaus, 10 wealthy western nations run the EU. In 1951, to coordinate energy policies, West Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg founded the European Coal and Steel Community.

They became the “European Economic Community” (1957) before welcoming Denmark (1973), and Greece (1981). Spain and Portugal joined in 1986. Rebranded “European Union” (1993), they embraced AustriaFinland and Sweden in 1995.

During 2004-13, they admitted a dozen, mostly eastern, states. These 10 account for 70% of EU population; 90% of production. The small, divided, subordinated and poor Fringe 17 do not measurably influence climate politics. Brussel’s bureaucracies remain Core 10 preserves. (“Neutral” Switzerland is the Ten’s eleventh member.)


The Allies, to administer the Marshall Plan, summoned a ‘Council of 16.’ In 1961, this morphed into “OECD” (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) with 19 European and Anglosphere member-states.

Today, OECD execs ladle-out $400 million annually from their Parisian HQ. OECD receives regular stipends from Anglosphere, Core EU, Japanese and Norwegian governments.

Despite claiming 38 equal members, donors rule.

A third of donations arrive strung with stringent strings.

OECD conjures multiday ministerials – without attracting media coverage.

In March 2022, enviro-ministers from 38 nations huddled in Paris for days… crickets.

A year earlier, OECD’s Environmental Policy Committee feted enviro-ministers at a confab themed: “Building a Green and Inclusive Future.”

In 1972, OECD members established UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) – now bigger than OECD, and a titanic climate actor; albeit highly donor-constrained. 100+ countries attend UNEP enviro-minister conferences.

A 1974 OECD energy ministers’ conference parried OPEC by unveiling an ‘organization of petroleum importing countries’ – the International Energy Agency.

IEA execs now disperse $30+ million yearly from Parisian headquarters, a stumble from OECD’s digs. IEA members must be OECD members.

With minimal fanfare, IEA routinely holds energy ministers’ conferences.

From the get-go, IEA promoted biofuels, hydrogen and solar as oil substitutes.

The oil phase-out campaign dates to IEA’s founding. In 2009 IEA’s green power efforts were spun-off into IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency); another $30-million-a-year outfit.

Thatcher unlocked the gates for the Huns by slipping “Climate Change” onto the London-hosted, 1984 G7 Summit’s agenda; signalling willingness to wed IEA’s oil phase-out with an Anglosphere coal phase-out.

This stratagem, borne of Maggie’s war on the miners, found favour among German oligarchs, and American gas-mongers coveting coal’s share of the electricity market.

Assembled heads of state had their enviro-ministers prepare ‘Climate’ briefs for the 1985 (Bonn) Summit. A proper crusade commenced. 

To conduct the Climate Science Orchestra, UNEP concocted IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in 1988.

IPCC helps donor-government-selected Climate Science citation alliance ringleaders collate reports for donor-government Climate Science epistemic elites.

OECD/UNEP/IEA/IPCC masterminded the 1992 Rio mega-conference spawning the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. UNFCCC’s Conferences of the Parties (COPs) draw officials in ever-greater multitudes.

COP27 (2022) broke records with 49,704 delegates.

OECD member-states dispatch thousands; and cover costs for poor countries’ absurdly numbersome entourages; and for thousands of OECD-based NGO and media flunkies. COPs are EU-built Potemkin villages; luring and nudging Anglosphere politicians.

Fifty passages in UNFCCC’s 27-page Framework sort countries into groups possessing “differentiated responsibilities.

Categories include: developed,  developing, and least-developed.

Eight climate-vulnerability groups are enumerated. Africa gets centered-out; as do fossil fuel-rich developing countries.

Ten passages deputize “Annex countries” as first-responders and bankrollers.

Only Annex 1 countries (OECD + east European ‘economies in transition’) pledge domestic emission reductions.

Only Annex 2 (OECD) must fund: UNFCCC, IPCC, and green energy in least-developed countries.

The 2015 Paris Accord affirms the Framework, stressing:

“Developed countries should continue to take the lead by undertaking economy-wide emission reduction targets.”


Five defy categorization.

Geografi er skjebne. Oil separates Norway from Europe.

Polish coal melts EU links.

At COP26, Poland’s enviro-minister committed to a 2030 coal phase-out only to reverse herself hours later; re-affirming her government’s 2049 plan. Annex 1 Poland suffers existential damage under the climate regime.

Japan isn’t in the EU, but it is in OECD, IEA, G7 and Annexes 1 and 2.

This third largest oil and coal importer, drops $40ish billion a year on oil.

Turkey isn’t in the EU, but is in OECD, IEA, NATO and Annexes 1 and 2.

Turkey imports 95% of its oil and most of its coal.

Adrift amidst Anglospheric vistas boasting more Irish than Ireland; EU’s lonely Anglophone finds a foot in two canoes.


Clues cracking the climate caper came with the tip that tools used in the crime included: …national science institutions! Perps wielding education ministries and science foundations?! Suspect lists shrank.

Core EU states weaponized Climate Science to facilitate fossil fuel phase-outs. State science mandarins cultivated Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming into a zeitgeist-permeating paradigm. Cultural assets and authority symbols mobilized by Euroscience commissars overwhelmed intelligentsia, home and away.

Core EU states maintain standing armies of scientists. Commanders occupy chairs in illustrious academies, and edit renowned journals. Germany’s Education Minister supplies: 69% of the German Research Foundation’s $4 billion budget; 100% of the $600 million going annually to the 30,000-scientist/scholar German Academic Exchange Service; and most of the $6.5 billion feeding the 42,000-employee Helmholtz Research Centres, now all-aboard the Helmholtz Climate Initiative.

France’s Higher Education Minister gives $3.8 billion yearly to the 33,000-employee National Center for Scientific Research; and $1.15 billion to a National Research Agency. Mussolini’s National Research Council takes $1.1 billion annually from Italy’s government (40% of national research funding).

Franco created Spain’s National Research Council so Opus Dei could re-Catholicize science. Its $1.2 billion budget blesses 13,338 scientists and staff…

No scientific fact shineth by its own light.

Carrying alarmist torches through the towns, run that gang of eight EU-based ‘strategic corporations’ dominating Anglosphere music, advertising and publishing.


Waltzing suckers over abysses requires close constant contact.

Eurocrats whisk Anglosphere politicians into labyrinthine multilateral fora affording Eurocrats ample access to Anglosphere politicians.

The 4,000 full-timers at NATO’s Brussels’ headquarters toil but a 50-minute flight from Paris. Of NATO’s 30 members, 27 are OECD. NATO HQ’s and OECD’s budgets look suspiciously similar.

OECD’s been faulted for duplicating NATO’s work. Mandates intersect. NATO’s new Climate Change and Security Center for Excellence inspects all member-states’ obligatory annual climate impact assessments.

NATO has hosted 32 heads of state summits; the last in June 2022. NATO ministerial conferences occur regularly, and irregularly. In March 2021 NATO quietly convened 30 foreign ministers.

EU-controlled orgs (OECD, NATO, G7, IEA, UNEP, IRENA, UNFCCC) stage continuous ministerial conferences.

Anglo foreign ministers must vet endless preparations. Anglo heads of state must appear, or participate remotely. Preoccupied, mesmerised ministers attend back-to-back confabs where EU whips lurk furtively and Euros outnumber Anglos 5-to-1.


Anglosphere and EU agree to sacrifice their coal and oil industries. EU sacrifices nothing whilst boosting climate-friendly exports and reducing fuel imports. Anglosphere surrenders its competitive advantage whilst back-flopping into the Great Depression. Sounds melodramatically awful, but EU sharps hold a boss hand: a 4-Prime Minister, President-high, climateer flush.

Republicans represent the last ditch.



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