The 10 Stages of US Internet Censorship (and Torture)

Google Deleted 6,000,000 of my Search Results-BLAH!

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The Internet Is So *Broken*

IMAGE 1 US Twitter Has 2 Billion Fake Accounts And Can Amplify Or Bury Stories, Persons, And Even Entire Nations

On December 13 I joined a Twitter hang-out of 14,000 people, entitled ‘Blacklisted by Twitter: Charlie Kirk, Benny, Poso, ALX, Gaetz & More’. Since billionaire Elon Musk bought the news-aggregator/social media company Twitter, it came to light that Twitter had been the German Stasi doppelganger of global censorship and gaslighting.

Tens of millions of ‘undesirable’ Twitter users had been banned [among them 2 million European dissidents and the US President Donald Trump] or had their visibility crippled.

A whopping 2 billion Twitter accounts are bots or sock-puppets [fake identities], created by marketing agencies for the illusion of active followers for the legacy media and woke leftist propagandists.

It is now a demonstrable fact that the former Twitter administration had aided the US Democrats to steal the reelection from US President Donald Trump in 2020.

In my personal view and from experience, this is ‘Drama America’. The speakers in that Twitter hang-out were America’s top Internet pundits, like the 0.01%. Yes, maybe they were banned on Twitter, but now they are back on Twitter with 100,000 followers, min.

Besides, they can discuss ‘Blacklisted by Twitter’… or ‘Blacklisted by Google, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Amazon, Instagram, the Media all they want—they cannot change the trajectory path of US Tech totalitarianism.

And that trajectory path of US Big Tech totalitarianism through US Twitter, US Google, US Facebook, and US Media… is set on exuding absolute power over all human perception of reality as dictated by powerful US interest groups.

And as so-called Big Tech monopolists, these US companies, and not a single foreign one, will—regardless of who becomes the next billionaire Twitter owner—abolish all foreign competition, enslave our nation states, and destroy the little man of the Internet.

Legally, US Big Techs are largely Illegal

 The Internet 1.0 of 2002 initially might have given many first users the impression of a Wild Western place with no checks and balances and regulations or certificates. No requirements to take part in silly pranks, regime change, and brazen illegality whatsoever.

Be whoever you like: A gamer nerd faking a Russian accent instructing Americans on the French Revolution, gaining 2,400,000 views on Youtube, no problem. You could film people randomly in the streets without their consent and then upload them to the Internet or you could talk non-governmental approved stories and nobody could fire you because law-enforcement and the governments were still Internet-illiterate, I suppose.

And this may have been true from 2002 to 2015, the Golden era of “the anonymous surfer” or the “citizen journalist” or the “influencers on Youtube,” but is now over—and irreversibly so.

IMAGE 2 The USA Is The Internet. There Is No Other Internet

The free Internet 1.0 is no more. We are now in Cube zero territory. Assisted clicking and swiping. All is digitally arranged, compartmentalized, with deadly traps, eternal labyrinths, and a surveillance apparatus with 1 million faceless curators.

Sure, it varies in some countries. For example, in America, people like Kim Dotcom or Rich O’Toole or Mark Dice can comment freely on political affairs without being professional, accredited journalists.

In regulated Europe, however, they would need an expensive governmental licence, a legal Internet landing page with physical address, telephone number, and social security/tax number, and if a governmental lawyer called that contact number and nobody took his call during office hours, this could trigger him and the regime watchdogs to persecute your shadowy [illegal] ‘fake news’ enterprise.

In addition, 90% of speech in America is prohibited in Europe. For example, without university credentials and governmental registration, a person cannot ‘act’ as a journalist like he was American ‘Tim Pool’ or whoever.

Tim Pool became famous as a Youtube personality because Youtube is a US video sharing site now owned by Google, and the US government has a strong interest in sharing US video content all over the planet, and fast. Illegally, if necessary.

US Big Tech between 2002 and 2015 could simply overwhelm backward Europe before European regulators could act.

Thought experiment: Had a random citizen like US ‘Tim Pool’ wanted to broadcast his political opinions in Europe, he would have needed 100,000 euros, a registered media company, an annual governmental audit, a governmental accredited hire for the protection of minors, and a board of members composed in parts of government watchdogs and party members. [What, did you think you could just declare yourself a media organization on Youtube in France or Germany? They have media dynasties who protect their 40-billion-euro media estates—with NATO military forces if needed!]

But American Big Tech could steamroll the European Union markets, at least in the beginnings of the Internet, because central Germany, Europe‘s biggest economy, is a US-occupied market colony and push-over.

Inside Europe, we have all ordinary Europeans oppressed by our corrupt regimes, while American occupiers can pretty much set up businesses and do things we Europeans can‘t… just like that.

Example: Political commentary on amateur blogs, vlogs, or sharing sites. The EU has shut down so many ‘illegal messaging boards’ it is hard to keep track. Boards like 4Chan or 8Chan or even parts of Reddit and Spotify, a streaming service.

In America, everyone and Bob‘s uncle can use music, photos, images and quotes from the mainstream or the Internet under an ubiquitous ‘fair use’ imperialist doctrine, or deliberately spread falsehoods under the ‘free speech’ first amendment, while in Germany, this is all strictly prohibited. 

Also strictly prohibited in Germany and much of Europe is nationalism, criticism of Iews, science, migrants, doubting democracy, and insulting our leaders. Germans walk straight into prison for such offenses, while truthers holding an American passport such as C K Hopkins in Berlin just gets a Twitter threat-tag and that was it.

IMAGE 3 US Big Tech Censor To Keep German Regime in Power In Exchange For US Internet Supremacy

A person is not every other person. Passports matter. All Russians experience censorship right now. All Ukrainians are promoted.

This is why Americans live partly in this Fairy Tale World of their own ‘US supremacy’ bubble, I say. They are not even aware, mostly, that they are doing things day-in-day-out that we other nationals are NOT allowed to.

European governments can censor anyone who pretends to be ‘a somebody’ on the Internet, then and now. Those include fake commentators, fake experts, and fake news.

And who or what is considered ‘fake’? Everything and everyone who isn’t with the government. And the government includes, at this point in 2022 in Europe, all legacy media, all state universities, all ideologically compliant corporations, and the thought police.

That’s why in Europe we scrap China news or pummel Russian experts who will always be held in the negative, cut to fit, and limited in their reach.

IMAGE 4 My Country Germany Is US-Occupied AND Censors Its Poor People

The 10 Stages of US Internet Censorship

Everyone who in the eyes of the moderators is unqualified, unverified, or undesirable is going to be expunged, blacklisted, or banned. Here is a quick list of what Big Tech firms and Internet watchdogs can do to you, often completely automated and in a macro-second, by algorithms and censorial software:


Playing by the Rules, Walking in Line: Follow and Obey


Early Intervention Phase

Stage 1 Demonetization:

Immediate disabling of all transactions, ad revenues, and payment services

Stage 2 Shadow-Banning:

Immediate hiding of your posts, comments, and activities from other users without you knowing

Stage 3 De-Amplification:

Immediate deactivation of all your efforts to boost content, cancel agreements, no reimbursement, reduction of visibility, for example by keywords or tags

Stage 4 Manual Tracking:

Immediate intervention by hired moderators, censors, or curators. Personal interest in you is taken. Not good

Stage 5 Deletion and Ban:

Immediate removal of your content or termination of your account


Active Persecution Phase

Stage 6 Blacklisting:

Your IP-address (digital footprint), your account, your name will be listed as troll, criminal, or terrorist

Stage 7 Reporting:

Your activities will be reported to law enforcement, activist groups, and thousands of red guards

Stage 8 Defamation:

Your person will be smeared all the bad names in the Book of Zion for the public, the press, friends and visitors and all the world to see

Stage 9 Removal:

Your Internet existence will be removed based on ‘unlawful’ behavior or breaking ‘community guidelines’ or registered ‘hate speech’. At this stage also: Loss of job, cancellation of privileges

Stage 10 Imprisonment:

The person is deprived of all its freedoms on the Internet, presence, visibility, transactions, communication, verification. This signals to all others that this person is an outcast, irrelevant, non-notable, and can be abused on- and offline without repercussion

Never Meet Google in China

As you may have already guessed, your author has pretty much experienced all of these, because he has had the audacity to work in China, Russia, and Iran, which is a deadly sin for the Western storm troopers who patrol the Internet.

Still, the real-life consequences always baffle me anew. It is beyond absurd and kafkaesque [surreal and terrifying]. For example, there exists this website ‘’ which isn’t mine. It is a mirror page of a site that I discontinued in 2018. It was evidently hacked and just showed up again as ‘bitcoin spam’. But of course, it will look to everyone as if it was me. It isn’t me.

Or take this brutal encounter with US Google people in Beijing. In 2009, I set up a website, ‘’, mainly to purport to culture and contrast. In 2013, something miraculous happened. Google Corp., the US Tech monopoly on ‘Search’ on the Internet, qualified my site as ‘Newssite’—alongside Yahoo! or Newsweek or even The New York Times.

Can you imagine that! I thought this was funny, and clearly a mistake. Anyway, I got 10,000 organic page views immediately, and for nothing really. [Such is the power of Big Tech and Google algorithms. Google can give you all the visibility in the world, or take it away again, and torture you some more.]

In 2014 I woke up one morning and saw my site de-ranked. Total collapse. From Google page rank 5 to 0, garbage level.

IMAGE 5 Before And After Being Deranked By US Google (5 to 0)

This happened to 96% of the Internet. It was the first big clean sweep. By 2016, Google had prioritized the legacy media—CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, WSJ, Economist, ABC News—and trashed the so-called alternative media websites.

This meant, sites like Infowars (USA), Alan Watt (UK), Debito (Japan), Compact (Germany), Rebel Media (Canada), and even The Saker (Iceland) were blacklisted—‘page rank 0’. They survived, but in the shadows. They were digitally bullied, constricted, and held back so that they could never rank up with the mainstream press [even if they had more views].

IMAGE 6 US Big Tech Colluded With US Big Media And Shadow-Banned Alternative Media Websites And Blogs By The Hundreds Of Thousands

So, websites. But people? I wasn’t sure. Since Google agents sat right across our Peking U campus, at Tsinghua U’s Technology Park, I met two Google IT guys who confirmed to me that of course Google can punish IP addresses, website domains, AND individuals – What was I thinking?!

Also, Google does ideological and racial profiling too. You won’t find a single Russian or Chinese or German voice organically when you ‘google’ for information. Silly countries like Greece or Poland never feature. The Americans want to speak on our behalf. [Strange you hadn’t noticed].

Once you are Google-blacklisted… that is like having a US criminal record. Travel, job search and all social activities are negatively affected.

Imagine you told somebody you work at a top research institute and published in over 300 publications across Asia… and there is nothing to be found on US Google. That would be awkward, right? It is analogous to arriving at an airport and being told your passport is invalid. Or going to the bank with your credit card and being told your account was terminated.

My records of schools, employers, conferences, public talks… all disappeared. I once had a weird interview with a German lady from Trio Media in Germany, and then she got a night call from a government agent and the next day the interview disappeared, my affiliation with my German sponsors disappeared. Everything disappeared, including my graduation in Edinburgh in Scotland, my public talks in Tehran and Qom in Iran, my dissertation in Beijing in China.

It’s a slow decomposition process. Like that wretched midlife bugger Ivan Ilyich in the novel of the same name by Tolstoy, remember him? Around 40 years of age, for no apparent reason, you pang against something, and you now start dying. Just the meta version of it.

Digital Death is on the Dissident‘s Menu

I described at great length and in depth what is happening to the China-hands. Here no repetition. It is peculiar that I should be marked for online death just because I, too, hung the clean curtains, fell awkwardly, and hurt my favorite side.

‘Peculiar’ until it isn’t peculiar any more: It is going to be the norm for a lot of us ‘unreality deniers’ soon. You’ll see. Many of us are going to suffer or die at the mercy of digital curators, computers even, we’re never going to see or reach.

Three years ago, in 2019, Google further stifled my research results. It had gotten so obvious that friends worried about the domino effect; worried largely from self-interest and their will to self-preservation. They began to cut ties: A Harvard mentor mailed me that I should be removing our friendly picture.

A professor in Münster ‘googled’ me and said “Lingling here from Xiongqiao village has more social proof than you.” Google now pulled my profiles from Tokyo U and Leipzig Mathematical Society. My Confucius Institutes… lost. My TV appearances in China… gone.

Really, I can’t remember what I have done to offend Google in earnest. If I told anybody about our blood feud, they said I was insane and that they trusted those Google engineers.

But when I listened yesterday to this Twitter space with the 14,000 participants who all said they and the US President had been canceled by Twitter, just like that, years of content erased from the Internet’s memory, I felt in the self-assuring company of suffering swine. It really happens.

See, I never had beef with Bill Gates’s Microsoft Corporation, alright. Microsoft owns the [now sadly insignificant] search engine Bing. And Bing does not censor me.

Now, I can’t tell the media, the Harvard professor, the Münster professor, or anyone to use Bing instead of Google. 99.9% of mankind minus China uses Google to search for information about people. But it is striking that Bing shows 6,500,000 of my search results, while Google now shows 243.

IMAGE 7 Google Deletes 6 Million Of My Search Results LOL

When you are the US President or a public figure and Twitter bans you, I guess you are marked as an easy game for the hyaenas and wolves in this world. 

Censorship is a form of torture. Torture by the public. When Google distorts reality, very vile and nasty creatures come to feast and dance on our digital corpses.

I know because I fought for China in 2015 when US Google sniped or shall we say nuked 100,000 Chinese university professors off the Internet. No profiles for the evil Communists, I suppose. I also fought for Germany in 2018 when Google canceled over 20,000 German dissidents. Can‘t have a revolt in US-occupied Germany, I guess.

IMAGE 8 Does China Even Exist Without The US Cataloging It

Imagine you are a country as big as China, and with 1.4 billion people, and you cannot find it on the Internet.

So in September 2013 I was haggling with Liz Mohn at Sunlight Hall Yingjie International Center here at Peking University. Ms Mohn is the billionaire chairwoman and heir of the German Bertelsmann Dynasty, the 4th biggest Publishing Group on the planet.

So maybe she knows more than we do. “Ms Mohn, how about publishing in China?” She laughed and shrugged: “Yes but in English!” The Peking talk, the event of 300 people, all was censored. Deleted. You can search for it all you want. It is no longer there. [If you want to know How so, BUY THIS BOOK.]


IMAGE 9 Looking Good Lizzy Sorry For Inconvenience I told You THEY Are Everywhere

[Sigh] It is a battle no nation, story, or person can win. I now have the power to erase any timeline or, presumably, to ground an airplane, just by showing up. The years passed and I was blacklisted by over 700 Western media. That is a world record, I think. I must have acquainted a thousand professors.

Did I just imagine them? Well, what do you think? I told you about the Portals, and I am not the only one who knows.

Last month the erasers came for my Wikipedia entry, the Internet Encyclopedia. I am now labeled an antisemite, a transphobe, a misogynist, and a Chinese Communist spy. The German Wikipedia version of that article was removed, which I guess was some kind of benevolent mercy killing.

The German deletion brigade—totally anonymous and convinced they had shot down an impostor and Nutsui—had apparently googled me on Google and come to the conclusion that 243 search results had to be less than 302 Twitter followers.

End? Not.


By Thorsten J. Pattberg

The author is a German writer and cultural critic. His books are protection collectibles. BUY ONE, ACT!

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