Israel Gives Jews a Bad Name

Part I Israel Gives Jews a Bad Name     When I was growing up in a Jewish community in New York in the late fifties, there was a predictable collective response to news events that…

A CRIME against HUMANITY: ISRAELI GENOCIDE and Its Willing Accomplices

Outside of Israel and its organized supporters in the major Zionist organizations, world public opinion and most experts in international law see the Jewish State’s invasion of Gaza and its systematic attack on civilians and basic infrastructure as a crime against humanity. The purpose of this essay is 4-fold: 1. To identify the nature of the crime – the genocidal character of the armed assault and the sequence leading up to it; 2. To identify the direct perpetrators of the war crimes and their domestic and international accomplices; 3. To explain the ties binding leaders, policymakers, propagandists, accomplices and followers, including their ideologies, material interests and organizational structure which make these crimes not only possible, but met so far with impunity and 4. To identify the larger imperial interests with which Israel allies with the US, and in pursuit of which, the Gaza assault is a horrifying dress rehearsal.

A Nail in Zionism’s Coffin?

The 72-hour ceasefire was supposed to get under way on 8/1/14 starting at 8 a.m. local time—but no sooner had it begun than it appeared to collapse. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, more than…

Israel’s Incremental GENOCIDE in the Gaza Ghetto

In Gaza, the implementation of the Zionist vision takes its most inhuman form. (Ezz Zanoun / APA images) In a September 2006 article for The Electronic Intifada, I defined the Israeli policy towards the Gaza Strip as an incremental…

Is Neocon-Zionist America the Greatest?

The Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist One Percenters A friend sent me the following entitled “The most honest three minutes of television EVER”: A young woman asks a panel “Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?” One panelist says “Diversity and opportunity”, another says “Freedom, freedom” but the third says “It isn’t” and explains why in “The most honest three and a half minutes of television EVER”. As a person who has been immensely inspired by the best and brightest of America I must agree with the dissident panelist.

ZIONIST APARTHEID: A CRIME against Humanity: Why Can’t the World Stop It?

In 1973, the United Nations rightly condemned “the unholy alliance between Portuguese colonialism, South African racism, Zionism and Israeli imperialism.” Only two years later, it determined “that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.” At the behest of the U.S. administration, this resolution was revoked in 1991 in order to pave the way for the Madrid Peace Conference that same year; however, equating of Zionism with racism is still valid. Apartheid is based on the establishment and maintenance of a regime of institutionalized discrimination in which one group dominates others.

What National Interest? WHO Controls America? And FOR WHOSE INTEREST?

Part I – National Interest or Lobby Interest? President Obama and his congressional colleagues are carrying on an established, yet clearly dangerous, tradition of U.S. foreign policy — the mixing up of national interest and the parochial interests of powerful lobby groups. Indeed, given the way U.S. federal politics has long operated, national interest is, except in rare cases, an impossible notion. This is because almost all politicians and both political parties are so tied to, and financially dependent upon, powerful lobby groups that they cannot formulate independent positions on issues important to these lobbies.