Report: Putin’s Plane Lapped MH17, May Have Been Targeted by Ukraine Military?

The tragic crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in Ukraine today has sparked a flurry of speculation and some damning theories about how the plane may have been sabotaged, and RT published a report suggesting that Vladimir Putin may have been the target if a missile strike downed the craft. Early information has suggested one possible and scary cause for the crash of MH17 — intentional interference using anti-aircraft weaponry on the ground in what was almost definitely a case of mistaken identity. The speculation regarding Vladimir Putin’s plane, however, is a newer thread. Earlier audio recordings that circulated purportedly implicate separatists in the incident, and indicate that the plane that crashed was not a target — however, nothing conclusive has yet emerged to definitively indicate what happened to MH17.

CNBC Exclusive Interview with Vladimir Putin to air

    WHEN: Friday, 23rd May at 12.30 CET WHERE: CNBC’s Geoff Cutmore speaks exclusively with Russian President Vladimir Putin tomorrow, Friday, 23rd May at 12.30CET on CNBC from the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum….

The Climate Is Invading the Earth

    If an alien invader with a face were attacking the earth, the difficulties that governments have getting populations to support wars on other humans would be multiplied a thousand fold.  The most common…

Anglo-American Axis: Losing Ukraine, Losing Europe: Putin “Win the Game”?

What is it that really “scared the hell” out of the Anglo-Americans? Could Ukraine become an area of cooperation between Russia and Europe? Could European countries break free? Concerning Ukraine, it now appears that the fury shown by the Anglo-Americans (that seems really too excessive and reckless even considering recent standards) is due not simply to the danger of losing Ukraine, but to the danger of losing Europe. This issue was brought to the forefront in a speech given by the Russian president Vladimir Putin in the Armenian capital Yerevan on Dec 2: “The events in Ukraine, they remind me less of a revolution than of a pogrom. And strange as it is, this all has little to do with Ukraine-EU relations… As I already said, everything that is happening is not directly related to cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union…”

Russian President Vladimir Putin Orders Missile Defense Shipment to Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his government on Wednesday to send five high-tech surface-to-air missile defense systems to Iran, a move intended in part to put a stop to Tehran’s $4 billion lawsuit over a contract dispute.

The shipment includes five S300VM Antey-2500 missile systems, United Press International reported.

Iran’s ambassador to Russia, Seyed Mahmoud Reza Sajadi, welcomed the announcement and said his country now will drop its lawsuit, which stems from a 2007 agreement.

VIDEO: West Sends Muted Reaction to Putin’s Victory

[anyplayer:url=] As Vladimir Putin won a landslide majority of votes in Russia’s presidential election Sunday, Western leaders seem to be reluctant to congratulate the president-elect, while Western media takes a critical stance. The United States…

Vladimir Putin and Russia’s “White Revolution”

All the meticulous plotting to avoid Ukraine’s Orange Revolution resulted in — Russia’s very own coloured one. But Russia is not Ukraine…  Russia’s electoral scene has been transformed in the past two months, without a…