US Arms Arab Terrorists With Tanks, Fighter Jets, Helicopter Gunships: US Troops in Turkey at the Syrian Border

Obama has signed a secret order authorizing US support of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The CIA and other agencies were empowered by Obama earlier this year to provide intelligence and training. As the FSA’s efforts have intensified in the last few months, the Obama administration is now admitting to arming them. The support of technology to the FSA has vastly improved their ability to organize and attack the Syrian governmental forces. Smartphones and sophisticated computer equipment provided by the US government have given the FSA an advantage with guerilla clusters hold up in remote trenches with cellular phone communications. A crafty directive was written, giving the US greater covert “non-lethal” assistance and the State Department “set aside” $25 million for the FSA. Coinciding, another $4.6 million was supposedly being given over for “humanitarian assistance” through the UN’s World Hunger Program, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other various NGOs.