Bretton Woods II and George Soros

“The goal is world power” The expression «Bretton Woods II» is becoming more popular, and everyone has their own understanding of this vague formula. Some are nostalgic for the gold standard, while others would like…

The 18th CPC Congress Special: A Geo-Political Analysis on South East China Sea A Perfect Crisis for Int’l Crisis Group

South East China Sea; A Perfect Crisis for the International Crisis Group. A geo-political analysis of the background for the developments in the South-China Sea, the region, and suggested developments towards regional security and stability. Coauthored by Christopher Black., James Henry Fetzer, Alex Mezyaev, and Christof Lehmann Subsequent to the dissolution of the USSR, the peaceful transition of Hong Kong from British to Chinese sovereignty and the subsequent opening of the Chinese market for Western investors, a superficial analysis may lead to the conclusion that the international community has missed the chance to establish a geo-political climate that could have facilitated the peaceful coexistence of sovereign nations.
However, on closer inspection, it is evident that it is a fallacy to speak in terms of a missed chance. The chance for peaceful coexistence between China, the USA, and to a lesser degree the E.U., has in fact never been given a real chance. It is also a fallacy to conclude that this chance depended on a left/right paradigm in US and Western politics.