Another US Plan to Topple Hugo Chavez?

“The socialist revolution will not be stopped by anyone because it has become the people.” Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez There’s no better time to read Cindy Sheehan’s heartfelt and galvanizing new book “Revolution, A Love Story” than today, just hours before Venezuela’s presidential elections. The author provides a riveting summary of Latin American history dating back to the Conquistadors focusing particular attention on Washington’s myriad interventions and the rise of the region’s second greatest protagonist, Hugo Chavez. Sheehan–who is a self-confessed Chavez admirer–opines that the charismatic Venezuelan leader “like Simon Bolivar before him, not only dreams of a united Latin America, but is showing the way.” Regrettably, the United States has repeatedly tried to derail Chavez’s reform agenda by funding anti-Chavez groups via non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that pretend to be working for human rights or democracy promotion.

Future of Humanity Between Capitalism or Socialism: The “CHAVEZ Is Millions!”

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela formally began his electoral campaign for the October 7 elections this past July 1, with a caravan that left Plaza Bolívar in Mariara, state of Carabobo, and covered 18 kilometers to Avenida Constitución in Maracay, capital of Aragua state, surrounded by people throughout its tour. “After 200 years, we have recovered national independence and we can never again allow it to be lost,” Chávez affirmed on his arrival in Aragua, the AVN TV network reported. “Here in Venezuela what is also at stake in many ways is the future of humanity between capitalism or socialism,” he affirmed. “In the next 100 days, the next 100 years of the country is going to be decided… a revolution is not measured in one year or in a decade, it is measured by centuries. We can reach the point of making a genuine revolution, with independence and national power.”

BRICS prepares world banking revolution

BRICS member-states are preparing a world banking revolution. They are planning to nominate an alternative candidate for the post of the Chairman of the World Bank for the first time in history. BRICS also demands…