The End of Democracy As We Knew It (Part II)

Part I:     2. Who Ruled the World – Yesterday, and How? 2.1 The Rise of the Neocons Americans regularly insist that the U.S. is the only global governing authority that underpins the world’s…

Operation Gladio: State-Sponsored Terror Blame Others, NATO’s Stay-Behind Secret Armies

1940 In England Prime Minister Winston Churchill creates the secret stay-behind army Special Operations Executive (SOE) to set Europe ablaze by assisting resistance movements and carrying out subversive operations in enemy held territory. After the end of World War Two the stay-behind armies are created on the experiences and strategies of SOE with the involvement of former SOE officers. 1944 London and Washington agree on the importance of keeping Western Europe free from Communism. In Greece a large Communist demonstration taking place in Athens against British interference in the post war government is dissolved by gunfire of secret soldiers leaving 25 protesters dead and 148 wounded. 1945 In Finland Communist Interior Minister Leino exposes a secret stay-behind which is being closed down. 1947 In the United States President Harry Truman creates the National Security Council (NSC) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The covert action branch of the CIA, the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) under Frank Wisner sets up stay-behind armies in Western Europe.