The Biggest German Newspapers Say US Blackwater behind Massacres in Ukraine

FireDogLake reported on Monday: Breaking during the weekend was a story by Der Spiegel and Bild that American mercenaries were on the ground in Kiev. According to the report 400 mercenaries from Academi (formerly Blackwater) were on the ground “involved in a punitive operation mounted by Ukraine’s new government.” Der Spiegel claims “the information originates from U.S. intelligence services and was presented during a meeting chaired by the Chancellor’s Office chief Peter Altmaier (CDU). At the meeting were present the president of the intelligence agencies and the Federal Criminal Office, as well as the intelligence coordinator of the Chancellor’s Office and senior Ministry officials.” Indeed, the German newspaper apparently claim that the American mercenaries are directing andcoordinating the attacks by the fascist Right Sector militia. Blackwater is more or less an extension of the CIA.