China, Japan, US EXPANDING MISSILE Interceptor Technology as Tensions Rise in Northeast ASIA and the Whole World

With North Korea declaring its intention to push ahead with a third nuclear test following the United Nations Security Council resolution on its launch of a long-range rocket, it seems hardly a coincidence that the US, China, and Japan have launched their own interceptor missiles and spy satellites. As the intensity of the North Korean nuclear crisis soars and the strategic competition between the US and China, and between China and Japan, heats up in the Asia-Pacific region, military tensions are on the rise in Northeast Asia. On Jan. 26 (local time), the US Defense Department announced that it had succeeded in a test of a missile defense system that can intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that are aimed at the continental US while they are still outside the atmosphere. This test is part of a project that is being conducted to defend the continental US from the ICBM threat posed by North Korea and Iran.

DPR Korea, USA and The World: Part II

Many in the South, too, had also attempted to go to north. However, none of them had succeeded to go, though they’d tried hard. Of course, needless to say, it was due to Lee Myongbak regime’s obnoxiously confrontational anti-north policy. At the moment, the disapproval rate for Lee is now “close to 80%” of South Korean population. After 4 years of continued failures, miseries and despair among many Koreans in all walks of life, he has become “the most hated, despised or disapproved” figure not only by a great majority number of people in the South but also in the North and in many overseas Korean communities around the globe as well. Two widows of former President Kim Dae Jung and former Hyungdai-Asan Corp CEO Chung Mong Hun, however, were the only exceptions. But, in fact like all others in the South, they were also not allowed to attend at Kim’s funeral but to pay a simple tribute only to the deceased Kim on the 26th of December and return back to Seoul immediately afterward. What that meant was they were allowed to stay in Pyongyang for about a half day only, not even a full day. Many argue therefore the only exception for two widows’ less than a full day trip to north through Panmunjom at the 38th Parallel was a “political cover-up of Lee’s typical dirty politics with full of lies as his despicable trademark.”