The US-led Int’l Aggressive War Drills in Korea: Another US Sinister Strategy To Justify Its DOMINANCE over Asia-Pacific

KCNA Commentary Terms U.S. ‘Talk about Threat from North Korea’ Theory for Dominating Asia-Pacific Pyongyang, August 18 (KCNA) — The U.S. is getting evermore vociferous about “threat from north Korea”. The supra-partisan diplomacy and security experts group of the U.S. said in its “3rd Armitage Report” on Aug. 15 that the U.S. and Japan are facing the threat from north Korea armed with nukes. Earlier, Samuel, commander-in-chief of the U.S. forces in the Pacific, cried out for getting ready to protect security from north Korea’s provocations. Walter M. Golden, deputy commander of the U.S. 8th Army, said that the mission to deter the threat from Pyongyang is becoming more important than ever under the present situation where the center of the U.S. forces is being shifted to the Pacific region.

VIDEO: ‘US wants tension on Korean peninsula to contain China’

[anyplayer:url=] The US is to restart direct nuclear talks with North Korea in Beijing on Thursday. But are the negotiations likely to be fruitful and ease tensions in the region? The bilateral talks were suspended…