A Korean Spring?

As 2011 came to a close, the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il took the world by surprise (including the CIA which, like the rest of us, only learned of his passing 48…

DPR Korea, USA and The World: Part I

Kim Jong Il had repeatedly nullified America’s superior military power first and foremost! It’s still (and will be for a while!) heatedly debatable if Kim Jong Il will and should be remembered as one of the most important leaders both nationally and globally, particularly with regard to the world’s anti-imperialist, self-determination and independence struggles. However, this could-be controversial statement can be undisputedly substantiated by his strategically bold, precise and wise leadership which had repeatedly nullified the nonstop US military aggressions first and foremost. Without any doubts, it’s now a globally-recognized fact that he’d successfully and brilliantly defended his nation from the undisputedly and unprecedentedly most powerful Global Empire’s nonstop military threats and war attempts. However, it’s a well-known and well-documented fact for over 60 years that US has also never given up to invade, destroy and occupy the north as they’ve successfully done it in the south since September 1945.